You can count Sen. Ted Cruz as a fan of the “Saturday Night Live” parody of President Obama’s executive action on immigration.

On this morning’s “Fox and Friends,” Cruz said the skit “really sums up what the president is doing.”

‘Saturday Night Live’ had the president coming out, pushing the bill down the steps of the Capitol and the amazing thing is, that really sums up what the president is doing. He’s saying he is not going to force federal—enforce federal immigration law, that it doesn’t matter to him what laws Congress passes, that he’s just going to decree his own policies.

As The Daily Signal previously reported, “Saturday Night Live” spoofed the classic “Schoolhouse Rock!” song “I’m Just a Bill” explaining how legislation becomes law.

In the skit, “President Obama” shoved an “immigration bill” down the U.S. Capitol steps.

I’m Just A Bill – School House Rock

Cruz called Obama’s executive action order “really a dangerous, dangerous threshold the president crossed.”