We Hear You: Rallying Around 1776 Commission After Biden Disbands It

“I still teach my students American ideals,” Oklahoma teacher Alice Dwyer writes. “We pledge allegiance to our flag, honor our veterans, and read classics.” (Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc./Getty Images)

Editor’s note: The Daily Signal’s audience isn’t happy with President Joe Biden’s torpedoing of his predecessor’s 1776 Commission, which is dedicated to returning knowledge of U.S. history and love of country to our schools. Here’s a sampling of your responses to our coverage at letters@DailySignal.com.—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: I read with dismay Mike Gonzalez’s article about President Biden’s actions to dismiss both the 1776 Commission and its report (“Biden’s Disbanding of 1776 Commission Shows Left’s War on US History”). To rewrite history to fit a political agenda is a terribly frightening thing, and I don’t believe enough true, patriotic Americans recognize the evil damage that is being done in our country.

It feels like so many people I know are willing to ignore the actions and goals of the left. They want a peaceful country and someone who they believe will be a “nice” president.

They’re lied to by politicians and the media, and they do not see what is so obvious to those who look at original documents, who look at accurate history, who see the hypocrisy of the left, and who understand and rightly fear its goals.

The Left has declared war on our culture, but we should never back down, nor compromise our principles. Learn more now >>

I’ve supported President Trump and his Make American Great Again goals. I’ve tried to stay abreast of issues and current events. To see what Trump was able to accomplish in spite of continual opposition is amazing. It’s so sad and terrifying to see it being undone and to know, from looking at history, how horrible things can get in the future.

How do we “regular” Americans make a difference?  We, who want to see sanity return to our country, who don’t have millions of dollars to contribute, who don’t have platforms from which to be heard? We are not “domestic terrorists.” We have different (and I believe correct and informed) views of what’s happening.

To date, I’ve made (small) donations to conservative campaigns, including the Georgia Senate races. I read as much as I can to educate myself on issues and actions, including The Daily Signal. I’ve joined The Heritage Foundation. I follow Victor Davis Hanson’s podcasts and articles, which are so helpful in clarifying issues and creating understanding.

We discuss what’s going on within our family. Our 6-year-old grandson is being moved from public school to a private Christian school. I’ve donated to Hillsdale College and regularly read its newsletter. I dropped Facebook and Twitter when their censorship became intolerable.

But there must be much more that we, as private conservatives, can do to have an impact.  We’ve been called the “silent majority” for many years. I truly believe there are many, many millions of us who have not been heard who could be mobilized to push back—not in any nasty or violent ways, but in intelligent, informed ways.

Take a look at the baby boomer generation: I was not an activist in the 1960s (not my style), but I watched and learned when people questioned the status quo (among them Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement) and questioned those in authority who made poor decisions (as in the Vietnam War).

We baby boomers are still here in large numbers and from most of those that I know, we are kindred spirits in our frustration and fear for society and our country’s future.

We need calm leadership and organization in order to be heard. What can be done? I want to do more and I don’t want to be considered silent anymore.—Laura Davis, Maryland


I’m very concerned about the nation and culture my grandchildren will inherit. I appreciate the work that is being done by the 1776 Commission.

I pray that the truths we hold dear will find open hearts and minds with courage to continue to transmit them and live them in spite of the foolish ideas of the cancel culture. May God bless the commission’s compassionate and critical work.—The Rev. John Wernecke


Thank you for an excellent article. Commissioners, please continue your important work on behalf of the American experience. Our children must know the truth of our founding.—Jack Wyman, Dallas, Texas

Dear Daily Signal: I enjoyed Mike Gonzalez’s well-written article (“Biden’s Disbanding of 1776 Commission Shows Left’s War on US History”). I also was a little dumbfounded and confused by President Biden’s rash action to cancel the 1776 Commission project designed to teach patriotism and our founding documents to the nation’s children.

I would like to see The Daily Signal’s Fred Lucas ask the new president at a future press conference whether he was taught civics when he was a young lad. Did he enjoy learning about our founding documents?

Did he use any of this knowledge in his 45 years in public office? And if he did have civics class, why is he against teaching civics in K-12 in all American schools?

We need more debate and discussion, not less, in America. We need to fight (peacefully, of course) for freedom to restore our republic.—Bill King, Pittsburgh


I’m so thankful for The Heritage Foundation and its continuing sponsorship of the 1776 Commission. The irony of President Biden’s words is glaring, and nearly incomprehensible to those of us who believe in the exceptionalism of America’s founding principles.—Maxine Boyd, Colorado


Thank you to Mike Gonzalez, Victor Davis Hanson, and the rest of the 1776 Commission for continuing in pursuit of a clear and truthful accounting of U.S. history.

We Americans have been tested before. May we rise again to the current challenges; may we show our mettle and restore what we understand to be our God-given land and Constitution.

And may we display the moral courage to support and defend the same.—Gary Combs, Dry Ridge, Ky.

Dear Daily Signal: I’m sorry to hear about President Biden’s cutting the 1776 Commission project. It was a noble effort by President Trump to initiate the program.

I am a second-grade teacher In Oklahoma. I still teach my students American ideals.  We pledge allegiance to our flag, honor our veterans, and read classics. I believe in the biblical principle to “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not go astray.”

I also read The Daily Signal. So please keep it up. I need you all working so I can stay solidly informed.—Alice Dwyer, Perry, Okla.


So glad to hear the 1776 Commission is continuing anyway. The aim of the Marxists here and elsewhere is to eradicate all real history and keep adding one lie upon another.

Soviet Russia is a good example. The people knew only how to live in fear and ignorance after 70-plus years of living a lie. Now they’ve returned to it with President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, ruling.—Paul Kern


Thank you to the 1776 Commission for continuing this important work. It is a benefit to our country and our students. —Linda Foley, Sherman, Texas

Dear Daily Signal: Some people see an old piece of furniture as something of little value and toss it out (“It’s Fake News That the 1776 Commission Report Whitewashes America’s Past”). Others look beyond the nicks and broken pieces to the beauty and value to be restored.

Broken pieces are replaced and others repaired. With time and loving care, the furniture again is used for the purpose for which it was made.

This is how I see the history of our nation. As time has passed, people begin to see little value in looking back in order to move forward.

They see the places in our history where mistakes were made, where trusts were broken, and they want to throw it all out. They don’t want to see its ugliness. The problem is, it still existed.

They overlook the inherent beauty of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence—documents that have formed a country like no other.

Were mistakes made? Of course, but as a nation we have repaired or replaced things that were wrong, changing laws and making amendments to the Constitution, and we continue to do so.

Are there still issues? Of course. Anywhere men live together there will be disputes, disagreements, differences of opinion. The question is what do you do with them?

Do you ignore or rewrite history in a way that is more palatable to one group of people over another, or do you look at both the beauty and ugliness and learn from them?

The purpose of a historical record is to state facts, be they good or bad, so that future generations can look back to move forward—avoiding the mistakes of our predecessors and embracing the forward momentum of their successes.—Anna B., Alaska


Nothing that the left does surprises me anymore. They just flat-out hate this great nation and all it stands for.—Jim Seaman, Robinson Township, Pa.


Thank you to the 1776 Commission for continuing. Can I donate somewhere to help a little?—Janalee McClure, Brohman, Mich.

Editor’s note: We’re looking into that, Janalee.

Dear Daily Signal: “We the People” can look back with pride and gratitude over the past 245 years from 1776 (“Rep. Ted Budd Fights to Preserve 1776 Commission”).  America has weathered many storms and achieved many victories.

Yes, there have been horrific wars, devastating depressions, pandemics, etc. But there also have been great accomplishments in industry, medicine, science, and governance.

America is a strong and vibrant nation of 330 million.  We have provided more of the good life, more opportunities to “pursue happiness,” to more people on this globe than any other nation since the dawn of history. We will continue through the 21st century and beyond, as the Constitution says, to “form a more perfect union.”

Unfortunately, now America is divided and at a crossroads as to which of two courses to choose. President Biden’s flurry of executive orders and the Democrat House leadership’s actions in their first few days confirm they have chosen the course of the leftist ideologues.

Their agenda embraces some or all of the doctrines in many failed systems of the past, i.e., socialism, communism, totalitarianism, secularism, and collectivism.

The executive order to disband the 1776 Commission is a blatant example of the leftist goal to indoctrinate any opposition by moving to take control of education, the mainstream media, Big Tech, and entertainment. To them, tolerance is acceptable only for leftist ideas; anathematize the opposition whenever possible.

The other course is our constitutional republic, the course charted by our Founding Fathers. Except to say that course is based on individual freedom and limited government, I will leave its description to the 1776 Commission’s report—a thorough, scholarly, nonpartisan, factually based and valuable analysis of the meaning of America.

Copies of the 1776 Commission’s report should be made available in public and private schools, academia, libraries, and every home in America.—Joe Fitzgerald, Canandaigua, N.Y.


I support the 1776 Commission. The Woodson Center’s efforts coincide with the commission’s, and that might be a good group to team with.

Moves also are afoot in many areas to do grassroots teaching of the Constitution. I have started in my church (First Baptist in Woodstock, Ga.) and currently host more than 15 individuals through an eight-week class that focuses on the Christian basis of our Founders and founding documents.

I also teach a class in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes program at Kennesaw State University. Texas evangelist Dave Barton and his son are excellent resources, and have been fighting this battle for many years. Stay the course and truth will prevail.—Col. Quentin M. Thomas, USAF (Ret.), Georgia

Dear Daily Signal: As the truth about how communism and socialism is infiltrating our American society becomes more and more apparent, it makes me reflect on my childhood and growing up in a country that offered so much to so many.

My parents were simple, average citizens who believed that hard work and love of family and country were all a person needed to be successful. I learned from them these simple and basic principles and have enjoyed a wonderfully successful career in real estate.

This would never have been possible under any other government philosophy, and the thought that I rode to success through racism is ludicrous.  I worked hard, practiced the principles of fair play and honesty, and began my career weeding onions alongside migrant workers.

The Mexican family I worked with took me in and would bring me a lunch of beans and tortillas each day.  This was at the ripe old age of 12.  To say that I had an advantage due to my race is nothing short of ridiculous, and I strongly reject that opinion.

Growing up, my parents taught me that skin color is not a reason to look down on (or up to) a person, but that it’s what is in his or her heart that counts. I made close friends (black and brown) who I still cherish and communicate with to this day.

Our country’s history is of such great importance to all of us that I am saddened by President Biden’s actions in abolishing the 1776 Commission and its work.

I now have grandchildren who soon will be taking over the reins of this country. I only can hope and pray that they will know the truth and then can make an educated decision on the road ahead. Thank you for all you do and have done for this country. —Randy Shaw, Klamath Falls, Ore. 


This is so, so important. Our schools need to teach our country’s true history, through the trials when slavery was common worldwide through its abolishment in the U.S.

Thank you, Commissioners, for continuing your work.—Ken Jacroux, Missouri

Dear Daily Signal: What was the purpose of President Biden’s doing away with the 1776 Commission? This group was working to ensure that our youth are taught true American history rather than the false, distorted history of The New York Times’ 1619 Project.

Done on Biden’s first day in office, it was that important to stifle American history. That was an indication of where America is headed.

Here we have Antifa on the rampage again destroying Portland, Oregon, and not a peep from the president or other Democrats. Are these not domestic terrorists?

That’s all we heard from the liberals and the media since the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, and now all of a sudden they are silent.—Frank Lovell, Republican Executive Committee, Citrus County, Fla.


Thank you to Mike Gonzalez and the rest of the 1776 Commission for the great work.  In faith, we must impress these principles on our children (Deuteronomy 6:7). Talk about them at home, while in the car, at bedtime and mealtime. Keep up the great work.—Terry Beers


I thank the commission for its work and faith in the people to believe the truth of 1776, not the lies of The New York Times’ 1619 Project.

President Trump was right in creating this commission. I am proud of him for many things; creating this commission was one of his most honorable acts. This work most continue.

May God bless each of the 1776 Commission appointees.—Donald Cantrell

Dear Daily Signal: Kudos to the 1776 Commission for making this issue visible, and especially for continuing its charter in spite of the Biden administration’s attempt to destroy its work (“What’s Next for 1776 Commission and the Fight to Preserve U.S. History”).

I write to ask if anyone is keeping a “scorecard” that will track every single one of the actions of President Biden’s and his administration. As a member of The Heritage Foundation, I would like to be able to go to a place where this will be kept up to date and visible on the web.

I believe the lack of this resource partially was to blame for President Trump’s reputation being soiled by the media.—John Freeh, Center Valley, Pa.


In light of the 1776 Commission’s commitment to continue meeting and fulfilling the charges of its two-year mission, I propose that the final summation be bound and published.

We need a text that our children can read to counter the fictional 1619 Project’s refuse. With a potential market of 75 million Americans, the financial viability is fantastic—let alone the moral obligation to spread the truth.—Steve Girard, Wisconsin


I am happy to hear that work on the 1776 Commission’s project will continue. I am truly dismayed that so-called legitimate sources of news demean it and instead support something as illegitimate as the 1619 Project. It’s a perfect example of why it is hard to be bullish on America.—James Cornillie, Byron, Mich.

Dear Daily Signal: Thank you to Mike Gonzalez for his commentary on the 1776 Commission. I just read Larry Arnn’s article in Hillsdale College’s Imprimis, which goes hand in glove with his.

The cancel culture of the left can be brought to intellectual justice only by the truth about our nation’s history, which is well documented. The Lincoln/Douglass debates are a good example.

Our Founders struggled not only in the framing of our founding documents but in their implementation. It was much more difficult getting through the first 10 years than had been imagined.

Many had gone back to their farms, leaving the hard work to those who chose politics as a new way of working to bring to life what would become the greatest nation on earth.

We are still a nation in progress. May God’s hand remain on us.—Charles Cayce


As a sentinel for Heritage Action for America, I will be interested to see what of our country survives this new administration.

It is ignoring election fraud, and no court or other legal authority is willing to investigate. Your article on the closure of the 1776 Commission reports on just one attack on our country.—Martin Kralik, Dallas, Texas


I’m so pleased to hear that the members of the 1776 Commission will continue their work, despite the first-day-in-office executive order by President Biden to stop it.

God bless each member in this profoundly important effort to preserve and protect the integrity of our nation’s history.—Gary Appleton, Kettering, Ohio

Dear Daily Signal: I simply want to thank the 1776 Commission so much for continuing to meet and work, even though it has been officially disbanded (“President’s 1776 Commission’s Report Defending Nation’s History Draws Leftist Fire”). Knowing the members are doing this is an encouragement.

We private-schooled our children in solid Christian schools where true history was taught (the good and bad), and continue to support a local, classical Christian school.

God is sovereign, and may the people of this nation humble ourselves and turn to him in trust and obedience.—Minden Tooze, Oregon


Thanks for allowing us to comment again, even though it’s not as easy as before. Posturing and inflaming is just what President Biden did when he scrapped the 1776 Commission project. Please do continue as best you can, Commissioners.—Shanelle Hawk, Mayport, Pa.

It’s Fake News That the 1776 Commission Report Whitewashes America’s Past

The unanimously approved conclusions of the 1776 Commission’s report focus on the historical challenges of two founding documents and civic renewal. Pictured: The Liberty Bell located in downtown Philadelphia. (Photo: Drbueller/Getty Images)

The newly formed President’s Advisory 1776 Commission just released its report. The group was chaired by Churchill historian and Hillsdale College President Larry P. Arnn. The vice chair was Carol M. Swain, a retired professor of political science. (Full disclosure: I was a member of the commission.)

The unanimously approved conclusions focused on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the historical challenges to these founding documents, and the need for civic renewal.

The 16-member commission was diverse in the widest sense of the familiar adjective. It included historians, lawyers, academics, scholars, authors, former elected officials, and past public servants.

>>> Listen to Carol Swain’s interview about the commission on “The Daily Signal Podcast”:

Whether because the report was issued by a Donald Trump-appointed commission, or because the conclusions questioned the controversial and flawed New York Times-sponsored 1619 Project, there was almost immediate criticism from the left.

Yet at any other age than the divisive present, the report would not have been seen as controversial.

First, the commission offered a brief survey of the origins of the Declaration of Independence, published in 1776, and the Constitution, signed in 1787. It emphasized how unusual for the age were the Founders’ commitments to political freedom, personal liberty, and the natural equality endowed by our creator—all the true beginning of the American experiment.

The commission reminded us that the Founders were equally worried about autocracy and chaos. So they drafted checks and balances to protect citizens from both authoritarianism, known so well from the British Crown, and the frenzy of sometimes wild public excess.

The report repeatedly focuses on both the ideals of the American founding and the centuries-long quest to live up to them. It notes the fragility of such a novel experiment in constitutional republicanism, democratic elections, and self-government—especially during late 18th-century era of war and factionalism.

The report does not whitewash the continuance of many injustices after 1776 and 1787—in particular chattel slavery concentrated in the South, and voting reserved only for free males.

Indeed, the commission explains why and how these wrongs were inconsistent with the letter and spirit of our founding documents. So it was natural that these disconnects would be addressed, even fought over, and continually resolved—often over the opposition of powerful interests who sought to reinvent the declaration and the Constitution into something that they were not.

Two of the most widely referenced Americans in the report are Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King Jr. Both argued, a century apart, for the moral singularity of the U.S. Constitution. Neither wished to replace the Founders’ visions; both instead demanded that they be fully realizedand enforced.

The report details prior ideological and political challenges to the Constitution as we approach America’s 250th birthday. Some were abjectly evil, such as the near-century-long insistence that the enslavement of African Americans was legal—an amorality that eventually led to more than 600,000 Americans being killed during a Civil War to banish it.

Some ideologies, such as fascism and communism, were easily identifiable as inimical to our principles. Both occasionally won adherents in times of economic depression and social strife before they were defeated and discredited abroad.

Perhaps more controversially, the commission identified other challenges, such as continued racism, progressivism, and contemporary identity politics. The report argued how and why all those who insisted that race might become a basis from which to discriminate against entire groups of people were at odds with the logic of the declaration.

Historically, progressivism assumed that human nature is malleable. With enough money and power, Americans supposedly can be improved to accept more paternalistic government, usually to be run by technocrats. Often they sought to curb the liberties of the individual, under the guise of modernist progress and greater efficiency.

The commission was no more sympathetic to the current popularity of identity politics or reparatory racial discrimination. It argued that the efforts to insist that race, ethnicity, sexual preference, and gender define who we are, rather than remain incidental in comparison to our natural and shared humanity, will lead to a dangerous fragmentation of American society.

Finally, the commission offered the unifying remedy of renewed civic education. Specifically, it advocates far more teaching in our schools of the declaration and the Constitution, and other documents surrounding their creation.

It most certainly did not suggest that civic education and American history ignore or contextualize past national shortcomings. Again, the report argued that our lapses should be envisioned as obstacles to fulfilling the aspirations of our founding.

The commission may be short-lived with the change of administrations, given that it was born in the chaos of the divisive present. President Joe Biden reportedly planned to terminate the commission through an executive order.

But any fair critic can see that the report’s unifying message is that we are a people blessed with a singular government and history, that self-critique and moral improvement are innate to the American founding and spirit, and that America never had to be perfect to be both good and far better than the alternatives.

(C)2021 Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

Trump’s 1776 Commission slams ‘destructive scholarship’ in final report

President Trump’s 1776 Commission, formed to promote “patriotic education,” on Monday released a final report touted by the White House as offering “a definitive chronicle of the American founding.”

The 45-page report slams “destructive scholarship” that it says misrepresents the history of slavery and racial discrimination.

“States and school districts should reject any curriculum that promotes one-sided partisan opinions, activist propaganda, or factional ideologies that demean America’s heritage, dishonor our heroes, or deny our principles,” the report says.

Trump created the commission last year to counter denunciations of the Founding Fathers during national anti-police brutality protests. The report was released less than 48 hours before Trump leaves office.

The document says, “Deliberately destructive scholarship shatters the civic bonds that unite all Americans. It silences the discourse essential to a free society by breeding division, distrust, and hatred among citizens. And it is the intellectual force behind so much of the violence in our cities, suppression of free speech in our universities, and defamation of our treasured national statues and symbols.”

Trump established the commission in part in response to a national movement to remove or deface the statues of slaveholders or colonial figures. Trump critics, however, vowed to resist his push to put a rosier spin on US history.

The new report slams the current education of students, saying, “Colleges peddle resentment and contempt for American principles and history alike, in the process and historical truth, shames Americans by highlighting only the sins of their ancestors, and teaches claims of systemic racism that can only be eliminated by more discrimination, is an ideology intended to manipulate opinions more than educate minds,” the report says.

The report says that the US is exceptionable because, “No one is above the law” — a cliche recently applied by President-elect Joe Biden to Trump after his supporters stormed the Capitol and disrupted certification of the election.

“Patriotic education must have at its center a respect for the rule of law, including the Declaration and the Constitution, so that we have what John Adams called ‘a government of laws, and not of men,’” the report says.

The report argues against presenting slavery as an indelible sin of the Founding Fathers.

“The most common charge levelled against the founders, and hence against our country itself, is that they were hypocrites who didn’t believe in their stated principles, and therefore the country they built rests on a lie. This charge is untrue, and has done enormous damage, especially in recent years, with a devastating effect on our civic unity and social fabric,” the report says, adding: “Many Americans labor under the illusion that slavery was somehow a uniquely American evil.”

The report argues that in fact, “The foundation of our Republic planted the seeds of the
death of slavery in America.”

“It is important to remember that, as a question of practical politics, no durable union could have been formed without a compromise among the states on the issue of slavery. Is it reasonable to believe that slavery could have been abolished sooner had the slave states not been in a union with the free? Perhaps. But what is momentous is that a people that included slaveholders founded their nation on the proposition that ‘all men are created equal.; So why did they say that without immediately abolishing slavery? To establish the principle of consent as the ground of all political legitimacy and to check against any possible future drift toward or return to despotism, for sure. But also, in Lincoln’s words, ‘to declare the right, so that the enforcement of it might follow as fast as circumstances should permit,’” the report says.

The commission was chaired by Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn. Retired Vanderbilt University political science professor Carol Swain was co-chair of the initiative and the commission’s executive director was Hillsdale College government professor Matthew Spalding.

David Barton

1 Of 5 / The Bible’s Influence In America / American Heritage Series / David Barton

2 Of 5 / The Bible’s Influence In America / American Heritage Series / David Barton

barton videos

4 Of 5 / The Bible’s Influence In America / American Heritage Series / David Barton


February 10, 2021

President Biden c/o The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

There have been many articles written by evangelicals like me who fear that our founding fathers would not recognize our country today because secular humanism has rid our nation of spiritual roots. I am deeply troubled by the secular agenda of those who are at war with religion in our public life.

Lillian Kwon quoted somebody that I respect a lot  in her article, “Christianity losing out to Secular Humanism?” :

“Most of the founding fathers of this nation … built the worldview of this nation on the authority of the Word of God,” Ken Ham said. “Because of that, there have been reminders in this culture concerning God’s Word, the God of creation.”


I have gone back and forth and back and forth with many liberals on the Arkansas Times Blog on many issues such as abortionhuman rightswelfarepovertygun control  and issues dealing with popular culture , but the issue of the founding fathers’ views on religion got one of the biggest responses.

It is true that 29 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence had degrees with Bible Colleges or Seminaries and these men we know were God-fearing Protestants. This means they had a biblical view of man with an understanding of our sin nature and this led them to come up with a limited government with many checks and balances. They had a strong belief in the afterlife and in future punishments and rewards. They also encouraged Christianity and were not hostile to religion. However, they did not set up a Christian Theocracy but wanted freedom of religion.

People really are losing their faith in big government and they want more liberty back. It seems to me we have to get back to the founding  principles that made our country great.  We also need to realize that a big government will encourage waste and corruptionThe recent scandals in our government have proved my point. In fact, the jokes President Obama made at Ohio State about possibly auditing them are not so funny now that reality shows how the IRS was acting more like a monster out of control.  Here is a clip discussing the founders and what their religious views were.

David Barton: Declaration and Constitution Are Based Entirely On The Bible

Here is some comments from our debate on the Arkansas Times Blog in July of 2013:

Olddoc read Jefferson’s own words given 237 years ago:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable rights…”


I want to go where the evidence leads. AMERICANS UNITED Rob Boston misled several leaders into believing that David Barton fabricated quotes and attributed them to the founders and when I confronted him about that he just laughed and said he was glad that Barton was experiencing problems because of the article that Boston wrote even though Boston himself admitted to me that he knew that Barton did not fabricate the quotes but just got them from secondary sources.



In the advertisement from the Freedom from Religion Foundation you have a quote from John Adams but these quotes below were omitted. By the way these quotes were so powerful that I emailed and mailed them to the White House and here is a copy of the letter at this link




The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God.1

The Holy Ghost carries on the whole Christian system in this earth. Not a baptism, not a marriage, not a sacrament can be administered but by the Holy Ghost. . . . There is no authority, civil or religious – there can be no legitimate government but what is administered by this Holy Ghost. There can be no salvation without it. All without it is rebellion and perdition, or in more orthodox words damnation.2

Without religion, this world would be something not fit to be mentioned in polite company: I mean hell.3

The Christian religion is, above all the religions that ever prevailed or existed in ancient or modern times, the religion of wisdom, virtue, equity and humanity.4

Suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their only law book and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited. . . . What a Eutopia – what a Paradise would this region be!5

I have examined all religions, and the result is that the Bible is the best book in the world.6

1.Thomas Jefferson, The Writings of Thomas Jefferson (Washington D. C.: The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Association, 1904), Vol. XIII, p. 292-294. In a letter from John Adams to Thomas Jefferson on June 28, 1813.(Return)

2. John Adams, The Works of John Adams, Second President of the United States, Charles Francis Adams, editor (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1856), Vol. X, p. 254, to Thomas Jefferson on April 19, 1817. (Return)

3. John Adams, Works, Vol. III, p. 421, diary entry for July 26, 1796. (Return)

4. John Adams, Works, Vol. II, pp. 6-7, diary entry for February 22, 1756. (Return)

5. John Adams, Works, Vol. X, p. 85, to Thomas Jefferson on December 25, 1813. (Return)

6. John Adams and John Quincy Adams, The Selected Writings of John and John Quincy Adams, Adrienne Koch and William Peden, editors (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1946), p. 292, John Quincy Adams to John Adams, January 3, 1817.


Thank you so much for your time. I know how valuable it is. I also appreciate the fine family that you have and your commitment as a father and a husband.


Everette Hatcher III, 13900 Cottontail Lane, Alexander, AR 72002, ph 501-920-5733


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There have been many articles written by evangelicals like me who fear that our founding fathers would not recognize our country today because secular humanism has rid our nation of spiritual roots. I am deeply troubled by the secular agenda of those who are at war with religion in our public life. Lillian Kwon quoted somebody […]

The Founding Fathers views concerning Jesus, Christianity and the Bible (Part 2, John Quincy Adams)

There have been many articles written by evangelicals like me who fear that our founding fathers would not recognize our country today because secular humanism has rid our nation of spiritual roots. I am deeply troubled by the secular agenda of those who are at war with religion in our public life. Lillian Kwon quoted somebody […]

The Founding Fathers views concerning Jesus, Christianity and the Bible (Part 1, John Adams)

There have been many articles written by evangelicals like me who fear that our founding fathers would not recognize our country today because secular humanism has rid our nation of spiritual roots. I am deeply troubled by the secular agenda of those who are at war with religion in our public life. Lillian Kwon quoted somebody […]

President Obama and the Founding Fathers

President Obama Speaks at The Ohio State University Commencement Ceremony Published on May 5, 2013 President Obama delivers the commencement address at The Ohio State University. May 5, 2013. You can learn a lot about what President Obama thinks the founding fathers were all about from his recent speech at Ohio State. May 7, 2013, […]

Francis Schaeffer’s own words concerning the founding fathers and their belief in inalienable rights

Dr. C. Everett Koop with Bill Graham. Francis Schaeffer: “Whatever Happened to the Human Race” (Episode 4) THE BASIS FOR HUMAN DIGNITY Published on Oct 7, 2012 by AdamMetropolis The 45 minute video above is from the film series created from Francis Schaeffer’s book “Whatever Happened to the Human Race?” with Dr. C. Everett Koop. This […]

David Barton: In their words, did the Founding Fathers put their faith in Christ? (Part 4)

America’s Founding Fathers Deist or Christian? – David Barton 4/6 There have been many articles written by evangelicals like me who fear that our founding fathers would not recognize our country today because secular humanism has rid our nation of spiritual roots. I am deeply troubled by the secular agenda of those who are at […]

Were the founding fathers christian?

3 Of 5 / The Bible’s Influence In America / American Heritage Series / David Barton There were 55 gentlemen who put together the constitution and their church affliation is of public record. Greg Koukl notes: Members of the Constitutional Convention, the most influential group of men shaping the political foundations of our nation, were […]

John Quincy Adams a founding father?

I do  not think that John Quincy Adams was a founding father in the same sense that his  father was. However, I do think he was involved in the  early days of our government working with many of the founding fathers. Michele Bachmann got into another history-related tussle on ABC’s “Good  Morning America” today, standing […]

“Sanctity of Life Saturday” Taking on Ark Times Bloggers on various issues Part E “Moral absolutes and abortion” Francis Schaeffer Quotes part 5(includes the film SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS) (editorial cartoon)

I have gone back and forth and back and forth with many liberals on the Arkansas Times Blog on many issues such as abortion, human rights, welfare, poverty, gun control  and issues dealing with popular culture. Here is another exchange I had with them a while back. My username at the Ark Times Blog is Saline […]

Article from Adrian Rogers, “Bring back the glory”

I truly believe that many of the problems we have today in the USA are due to the advancement of humanism in the last few decades in our society. Ronald Reagan appointed the evangelical Dr. C. Everett Koop to the position of Surgeon General in his administration. He partnered with Dr. Francis Schaeffer in making the […]

“Schaeffer Sundays” Francis Schaeffer’s own words concerning the possibility that minorities may be mistreated under 51% rule

Francis Schaeffer: “Whatever Happened to the Human Race” (Episode 4) THE BASIS FOR HUMAN DIGNITY Published on Oct 7, 2012 by AdamMetropolis ____________ The 45 minute video above is from the film series created from Francis Schaeffer’s book “Whatever Happened to the Human Race?” with Dr. C. Everett Koop. This book  really helped develop my political […]


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