If Arkansas was to buyout VA Tech for Fuente $3 million or FL Atlantic for Kiffin $2 million they would be inexpensive alternatives to other options!

Contracts may have been updated since these two articles below came out but it appears that $7 million is the going rate for many top 25 coaches such as Matt Campbell of Iowa St and more economical alternatives may be Lane Kiffin for $2 million and Justin Fuente for $3 million.

I will continue to discuss these two coaches because I believe Kiffin is a great recruiter and Fuente has shown he can resurrect a dead program like Memphis and put them in the top 25. Just today on 103.7 the buzz, Trey Biddy made the case for Fuente and said he kicked off troublemakers from VA Tech’s team when he first got there and replaced those players with the kind of quality players that would stabilize the program.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Lane Kiffin’s reputation rehabilitation tour will continue at Florida Atlantic University in 2018, and another Conference-USA championship could lead him back to a Power 5 head coaching job. The Owls aren’t exactly making it difficult for him to leave.

FAU locked its mercurial head coach in to a 10-year contract after his 11-3 debut in Boca Raton, but that pact won’t tie Kiffin down for long. If a needy team comes calling to hire him away after the 2018 season, the buyout owed to the university is just a paltry $2 million — and it gets even lower the longer he stays. From Underdog Dynasty:

The buyout clause is $2 million should Kiffin leave for a new school at the end of the season. The same buyout amount under Chun. The buyout drops to $1.5 million after the 2019 season and $1 million after the 2020 season.

That contract quirk highlights how meaningless the length of Kiffin’s contract is. The former USC and Tennessee coach, knowing he’s a top candidate to be poached once his value has been sufficiently restored with a Group of 5 program, created a navigable course back to a high-profile job and a raise from the $950,000 salary he’ll get at FAU this fall.

That $2 million is a pittance compared to other buyouts across the college football landscape. Kiffin’s buyout is tied for 65th-highest among Division I coaches, according to data collected by USA Today. That ties him with other rising sideline stars like… UConn’s Randy Edsall and Kansas State’s Bill Snyder. It will cost $38 million more to dislodge Dabo Swinney at Clemson than it would to pry Kiffin from Florida Atlantic. 26 coaches currently have a buyout at least five times larger than Kiffin’s.

Those massive buyouts are sigils of job security, but that doesn’t mean they don’t backfire. It cost Arkansas $11.9 million just to fire Bret Bielemaafter five seasons of mediocrity. Arizona’s state university system spent more than $18 million just to prevent Rich Rodriguez and Todd Graham from coaching at their institutions of higher learning.

Florida Atlantic won’t have to worry about that, but it seems they won’t be able to hold on to their high-profile head coach for long. 2018 is shaping up to be another strong year for FAU. Bill Connelly called the Owls “far and away your C-USA favorite” in his preseason preview, predicting a nine-win regular season in Boca. Another big performance would shoot Kiffin back to the top of 2019’s coaching candidate ranks at major programs across the country.

And it won’t be expensive for a struggling university to make him their culture-changing head coach for ‘19 and beyond.

Virginia Tech Announces New Contract for Justin Fuente; Galen Scott Named Co-Def. Coordinator


My top two picks for the Arkansas Razorback Football Coach are Justin Fuente and Lane Kiffin (Fuente rebuilt Memphis from ground up and Kiffin can recruit!) I hope one of the them gets the job!

Since Lane Kiffin may be heading to Florida State then I will concentrate on Fuente!! Below is an excellent article by Brad Crawford on Fuente. The only negative would be that Fuente may want to stay in the easy side of the ACC instead of plunging into the hardest division of the SEC!!!!

Image result for justin fuente memphis1200 × 800
SB Nation

Report: Justin Fuente linked to Arkansas coaching vacancy


Another name has risen to the front of the Arkansas coaching search, a once hot name who is a win away this season from a division championship in the ACC.

USA Today college football analyst Dan Wolken says Virginia Tech coach Justin Fuente checks the boxes for the Razorbacks and the SEC offers a more lucrative outlook than his current post with the Hokies.

Lane Kiffin is another coach who has surfaced in recent days, but much of the smoke is leading to Fuente, Wolken reports.

“One name that has consistently come up as a potential target is Virginia Tech’s Justin Fuente,” Wolken wrote Tuesday. “Though Arkansas would be a tougher place to win, Fuente has deep family ties nearby in his native Oklahoma and could get away from a Virginia Tech fan base that hasn’t completely appreciated how difficult a job he faced after Frank Beamer let the program slip over his final few years.

“Arkansas could undoubtedly offer Fuente more than the $4 million a year he currently makes.”

In his fourth season with the Hokies, Fuente can capture his second ACC Coastal Division title with a win at Virginia on Saturday. He is 33-18 overall at Virginia Tech and this year’s team has won six of their last seven after a 35-point home loss to Duke in September.

That humiliating setback in Blacksburg kicked off hot-seat rumors a bit coupled with a previous loss this season at Boston College, but those murmurs have simmered during this current stretch of success.

“We certainly face a daunting challenge with Virginia,” Fuente said this week. “They are playing well in all three phases of the game. Joe Reed on kickoff return has been fantastic this year. (Quarterback) Bryce Perkins is running and throwing the ball with accuracy and confidence and defensively they continue to do a great job mixing up looks, causing problems for other offenses.

“Our guys certainly understand what’s at stake here. We certainly understand the rivalry and we’ll need a great week of preparation as we move forward.”

Jeff Long Fires Bobby Petrino (Press Conference)

Uploaded by on Apr 10, 2012

Earlier today, Athletic Director Jeff Long fired head football coach Bobby Petrino. This is his unedited press conference

(Beth Hall/US Presswire)Bobby Petrino and Jessica Dorrell

Bobby Petrino and Jessica Dorrell

Transcript of press conference:

Good evening.  Thank you for being here tonight.

Last Thursday night, I met with you to share information that I had learned just hours earlier that Coach Petrino had not been forthcoming with me and with you about the circumstances of this motorcycle accident.

As you know, I placed Coach Petrino on administrative leave while I reviewed his contract related to the accident.  I assured him and all of you that I would approach this task fairly and thoroughly.  Since that time, I have spoken with key individuals that were involved in the accident and in what occurred afterwards, his passenger on the motorcycle, the individuals who transported him to Fayetteville and to the hospital, and several people who spoke with Coach Petrino before and after the accident.

I reviewed the manner, timing, and extend to which Coach Petrino shared information about the accident, both with men and with others, and to whom he was accountable.  That includes among others, the members of the football program, our supporters, student-athletes, faculty, staff, and alumni of the university, and the public at large.

My review raised several concerns which led me to look beyond the accident itself.  That included the professional and personal relationship he had with his passenger, Jessica Dorrell, the process and circumstances that influenced his decision to hire her as a direct report member of his staff and his candor and behavior of my staff.

Here are the key findings of my review:

Coach Petrino knowingly misled the athletics department and university about the circumstance related to this accident.  He had multiple opportunities over a four day period to be forthcoming with me.  He chose not to.  He treated the news media and the general public in a similar manner.  Coach Petrino’s relationship with Ms. Dorrell gave her an unfair and undisclosed advantage for a position on Coach Petrino’s football staff.  She was one of 159 applicants for the job and Coach Petrino himself participated in the review and selection process without disclosing his relationship with her and that constitutes a conflict of interest under university policy.

During my review of this matter, Coach Petrino informed me that he give a large sum of cash, some $20,000 to Ms. Dorrell.   Coach Petrino, however, failed to disclose this information to me prior to his recommendation to hire her into the football program.

Coach Petrino’s conduct regarding his account of the accident jeopardized the integrity of the football program.  He made a choice to return to practice on Tuesday, to hold a press conference, and to demonstrate his physical resiliency and command of his program, all the time failing to correct his initial report that he was the only person involved in the accident.  He made a conscious decision to speak and mislead the public on Tuesday.  In doing so, he negatively and adversely affected the reputation of the University of Arkansas and our football program.

By itself, Coach Petrino’s consensual relationship with Ms. Dorrell prior to her joining the football staff was not against university policy.  By itself, it is a matter between individuals and their families.  However, in this case, Coach Petrino abused his authority when over the past few weeks, he made a staff decision and personal choices that benefited himself and jeopardized the integrity of the football program.  In short, Coach Petrino engaged in a pattern of misleading and manipulative behavior designed to deceive me and members or the athletics’ staff both before and after the motorcycle accident.

He used athletic department funds to hire for his staff a person whom he had an inappropriate relationship.   He engaged in reckless and unacceptable behavior and put his relationship in the national spotlight.  Coach Petrino’s conduct was contrary to character and responsibilities we demand of our head football coach.  In fact, that is the very language that is included in his contract that he signed as the University of Arkansas.

Consequently, this afternoon, I informed Coach Petrino that his employment with the university was being terminated immediately.

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Two choices now for Bobby Petrino: Follow the path of purity or impurity

If Bobby thinks he is bruised now, then he needs to read about the guy in Proverbs 7:10-27 and what happened to him. I really am hoping that Bobby Petrino can put his marriage back together. He has a clear choice between two paths. In the sermon at Fellowship Bible Church at July 24, 2011, […]

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Adrian Rogers’ sermon on Clinton in 98 applies to Newt in 2012

It pays to remember history. Today I am going to go through some of it and give an outline and quotes from the great Southern Baptist leader Adrian Rogers (1931-2005). Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times started this morning off with some comedy: From pro golfer John Daly’s Twitter account following last night’s Republican debate, […]

Dr. Adrian Rogers – Steadfast Loyalty To Your Wife

Uploaded by on Jan 18, 2009

A Powerful comparison to Christ loving the church and the husband never walking out on the wife.

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