Alternatives to Fayetteville Finger out there? (part 16)(Billy Bob Thornton)

I certainly hope there are some alternatives to the Fayetteville Finger out there. Jason Tolbert reported that there seems to be an impasse.

As predicted, the House State Agencies rejected both the Senate compromise map (linked here) passed yesterday with 20 votes and the so called “Luker Amendment” (linked here) named after its author Sen. Luker…

“We can’t have negotiations when the Fayetteville Finger is on the table,” insisted House Republican Minority Leader John Burris. “As long as that map is out there and being discussed as a serious possibility – not only as a serious possibility but by making it a serious possibility by by passing the committee and going straight to the floor vote, until that is ruled out I think negotiations will be very difficult because it is such an irrational position.”

Both the House and the Senate have adjourned until Monday…

Rep. Uvalde Lindsey  (D-Fayetteville) prefers the map know as the Luker Amendment and does not mix words regarding his opposition to moving Fayetteville into AR4.

“I think (the Luker map) is by far the of all the maps I have seen the best example of a bipartisan cooperation to give the people of this state a Congressional district that they can have confidence in,” said Lindsey.

Lindsey said he believes the House committee’s rejection of the Senate compromise and the Luker Amendment was an effort to try to persuade the Senate to pull the Fayetteville Finger out of committee with 18 votes which he warns will create a backlash.

Roby Brock in his article, Legislature nearly finished with session businees, April, 9, 2011, Arkansas News Bureau, noted:

The 88th General Assembly completed all but one task by a self-imposed April 1 deadline. State lawmakers passed a series of major bills aimed at tax relief, prison reform and potential highway improvements. They also approved a $4.6 billion balanced budget.

Legislators have yet to settle a once-a-decade challenge of redrawing congressional district lines. Several failed attempts have been unable to garner support from the House and Senate. Lawmakers will regroup next week to continue work on the effort. They will not officially adjourn until April 27.


Another famous Arkansan below.

Billy Bob Thornton

Inducted in 1996

(b. 1955) – A native of Hot Springs, Thornton was featured on the television series “Hearts A’Fire.” He directed and starred in “Slingblade” a movie he filmed in Benton. He received two Oscar nominations for the film, one for Best Actor and one for Best Screenplay, which he won. He was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 1999 for “A Simple Plan.” Thornton has since gone on to star in “Monster’s Ball” (2001), as Davy Crockett in “The Alamo” (2004), “Bad Santa” (2003), and “Astronaut Farmer” (2007).

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