Senator Pryor asks for Spending Cut Suggestions! Here are a few!(Part 1) (Al Green, Famous Arkansan)


Senator Mark Pryor wants our ideas on how to cut federal spending. Take a look at this video clip below:

Senator Pryor has asked us to send our ideas to him at and I have done so (at 4:04 pm CST on April 7th, 2011, and will continue to do so in the future. Here are a few more I just emailed to him myself. 

Mark Pryor made some comments on April 6, 2011 on the floor of the U.S.Senate concerning the possible federal government shutdown. I will provide all of his comments in my next few posts. Here is a portion below:

In fact, if you look back at the time that we call “The Battle of Britain,” one of the things Winston Churchill said that always stuck with me.  He said “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”  And he was talking about those brave men who flew those airplanes over Great Britain to protect the skies and protect the British people and really to win the war, to stop Nazi Germany from invading and defeating the British Empire. 

The so few that we have today could be named and their names are Tom Coburn, Dick Durbin, Mark Warner, Saxby Chambliss, Mike Crapo, and Kent Conrad.  Those few have been meeting for weeks, even months to try and come up with a comprehensive budget agreement based on the blueprint that the debt commission has given us. I would say that these six senators, they’re not politicians.  They’re statesmen.  They’re trying to do what’s right for the country.  They’re trying to do what’s in the country’s best interest, not their own best interest.  I can guarantee you, each one of the six will face tremendous criticism from their own parties and from other quarters about what they’re trying to do.  To me that’s courage, to me that’s leadership, to me that’s what being a Senator is all about.

Let me address this issue of courage. Senator Pryor thinks that a government shutdown should be avoided and that keeping the status quo is the preferred direction we should head. My last post pointed this out vividly by showing that if Senator Pryor was serious about balancing the budget that he would favor eliminating 500 billion dollars of wasteful spending like Senator Rand Paul is. That is real courage.

We have to start eliminating programs or the USA will end up like the European countries that are heading toward economic disaster.  Real courage is facing our problem which is spending too much and deal with it now decisively.

Doug Bandow is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute. A former special assistant to Ronald Reagan. He has some great insights in his article “It’s time for  a government shutdown,” Forbes, April 4, 2011.

Start with the Defense Department. Obviously, defending America is vital, one of the few necessary tasks of government. But most of what the Pentagon does these days has nothing to do with protecting America…

Perhaps even dumber is subsidizing the defense of Europe, Japan, South Korea, and other populous and prosperous allies. The Europeans have a bigger GDP and population than America, but the U.S. government insists on defending them. Washington redraws national borders in the Balkans and creates alliances in Central Asia. Most of these ventures diminish U.S. security by creating geopolitical threats and liabilities.

If the Pentagon isn’t going to protect us, then there’s a need for something like the Department of Homeland Security. But this bizarre mix of everything from customs to immigration to disaster relief isn’t very good at keeping Americans safe. Especially since Congress is most interested in passing out grants as pork and agency bureaucrats prefer to provide “security theatre” to create the illusion of safety. The best policy would be to stop making additional enemies who want to harm Americans by bombing, invading and occupying additional countries.


Another famous Arkansan below.

Al Green

Inducted in 1996

 (b. 1946) – In the early 70s, 200 women sent soul sensation Al Green a signed petition begging him never to get married. That, in the proverbial nutshell, captures the amazing popularity of this sweet crooner from Forrest City – especially among women. “The phenomenon of women is love,” Green once said, trying to explain his female fans’ attraction to him. “Men are more into their careers, making money and achieving goals in their lives, but a woman will turn down a career to say, I love you, and really mean it.” Al Green’s secret weapon, then, was that he understood love. That and a lot of talent plus some lucky breaks led him from a sharecropper’s shack in the Delta to the top of the soul charts. Soon Green had audiences swooning with his own hits such as “Tired of Being Alone” and “Let’s Stay Together,” followed by “Call Me,” “I’m Still in Love With You,” and “You Ought to Be With Me.” In 1972, Green was named rock “n” roll star of the year by Rolling Stone. But even as he was seducing millions with his songs about secular love, Al Green was feeling a pull toward something else. “I ran from it,” he told Rolling Stone. Green eventually became an ordained minister and bought the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Memphis, assuming full-time duties as its pastor. Over time, he gave new meaning to the term “soul” music, blending his sweet R & B style with gospel. In the early 1980s, his “The Lord Will Make a Way” won his first Grammy but not his last. He still preaches every single Sunday. Today, Al Green understands a deeper kind of love.

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