Senator Pryor asks for Spending Cut Suggestions! Here are a few!(Part 2) (Harry Thomason Famous Arkansan)

Senator Mark Pryor wants our ideas on how to cut federal spending. Take a look at this video clip below:

Senator Pryor has asked us to send our ideas to him at and I have done so in the past and will continue to do so in the future. (This latest email went at 7:15 am CST on April 8, 2011).

Mark Pryor made some comments on April 6, 2011 on the floor of the U.S.Senate concerning the possible federal government shutdown. I will provide all of his comments in my next few posts. Here is a portion below:

Right now I know there are six of them (Tom Coburn, Dick Durbin, Mark Warner, Saxby Chambliss, Mike Crapo, and Kent Conrad) meeting.  I know at some point once they come out and once they’re ready to announce what they want to do, many others will join that effort.  I think that we need to cheer them on and encourage them to finish this very hard task that they’ve begun.

When I think about those six sitting in various rooms around the Capitol, I’m reminded of the phrase in the Declaration of Independence right before our founding fathers signed that great document where they say “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” This is our time to put it all on the line. We need to put our political lives on the line, our political fortunes on the line, and our honor.  We need to honor the commitment we’ve made to this country when all 535 stood up and took the oath that we were going to do what was right for this country.

These six gentlemen are arguing over cutting the budget by 1.6 % (if the Republicans get their way) or by less than half of that if the Democrats get their way. Do you really think that the founding fathers if they would here today would try to cut that small amount out of our budget at a time. THEY WOULD PROBABLY SLASH THE BUDGET DOWN TO WHAT THE ORIGINAL  DUTIES THEY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WAS CHARGED WITH BACK THEN (which is about 900 billion worth a year).  My last post pointed this out vividly by showing that if Senator Pryor was serious about balancing the budget that he would favor eliminating 500 billion dollars of wasteful spending like Senator Rand Paul is. However, now it is time for specifics and here are some below.

We have to start eliminating programs or the USA will end up like the European countries that are heading toward economic disaster.  Real courage is facing our problem which is spending too much and deal with it now decisively.

Doug Bandow is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute. A former special assistant to Ronald Reagan. He has some great insights in his article “It’s time for  a government shutdown,” Forbes, April 4, 2011.

The Department of Veterans Affairs grows out of the Department of Defense, since the federal government has an obligation to care for those wounded in America’s wars. But it would be better to integrate their care into the nation’s medical system — and especially to make fewer veterans in the future by staying out of stupid and unnecessary conflicts. Yet the Afghanistan war, in particular, continues to generate casualties, creating huge future “unfunded liabilities” for the VA.

The State Department is legitimate, but much of what it does is not. Misnamed “foreign aid” traditionally takes money from poor people in rich countries and gives it to rich people in poor countries. Indeed, a lot of foreign aid has been counterproductive, discouraging authoritarian and socialist states from adopting desperately needed reforms. The Foreign Service bureaucracy could be further pared if Washington was not attempting to constantly micro-manage other societies. A Vatican-sized embassy in Baghdad is merely the worst example. The American government should have a much smaller foreign footprint.


Here is another famous Arkansan below:

Harry Thomason

Inducted in 1996

(b. 1955) – Born and riased in Hampton, Arkansas, this former Little Rock high school speech teacher and football coach who is now one of the hottest producers in Hollywood. His hits include “The Fall Guy,” “The Blue & The Gray” mini-series (1983), “Designing Women,” “Evening Shade,” and “Hearts A’Fire.” He has been nominated for numerous awards including an Emmy, Director’s Guild Award, and a People’s Choice Award – among many others.

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