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Lying about Jessica Dorrell may get Bobby Petrino in a lot of trouble

The lying stinks and may end up getting Petrino fired. He has to be a man and own his actions. Adrian Rogers used to say, “If people say lots of great things about you, but they say your word can not be trusted then it cancels out everything else they previously said about you.”

If Petrino wants to break up his family and ruin his personal life then he will pay personal consequences for that. However, lying to his boss is enough to get him fired. Will he get fired? I still doubt it. We will have to wait and see.

Good article from NBC Sports on the possibility of lying getting Petrino into lots of trouble.

Jessica Dorrell’s role in Petrino’s future

Posted by Ben Kercheval on April 6, 2012, 1:53 PM EDT
Arkansas Petrino Crash FootballAPBased on what Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino said in a statement last night, the coach appeared to be in a “previous inappropriate relationship” with Jessica Dorrell, a 25-year-old former employee of the Razorbacks Foundation and UA volleyball player.The “inappropriate” part of their relationship, while a compelling story, is ultimately a private matter and likely not grounds for termination on its own. Granted, UA’s handbook does cite potential punishment for a consensual sexual relationship, and Petrino could be in violation of such rules, but we’re not at that point just yet.Where Dorrell’s possible relationship with Petrino could affect his job security is her promotion to the current UA student-athlete development coordinator for football back on March 28. Petrino and Dorrell were involved in the motorcycle accident just four days later.

Dorrell replaced Dann Kabala, who took a job at Pitt as the football program’s player personnel director. According to Arkansas, Dorrell is making $55,735 in her current job, same as what Kabala did when he occupied the position.

The question becomes when did the relationship between Petrino and Dorrell allegedly become “inappropriate” — before or after Dorrell got her current job? In other words, what’s the exact date for “previous”? If the “inappropriate” part began after her hiring, the only thing that means is that I have severely underestimated Petrino’s effect on women.

Now, an administrator at the state Office of Personnel Management told Robbie Neiswanger of the Arkansas News that ”Arkansas has no law prohibiting a state employee from hiring a romantic partner or having a romantic relationship with a subordinate.”

So if Petrino and Dorrell had a romantic relationship prior to her new job in the football offices, no one would be going to jail. But what athletic director Jeff Long needs to consider as he goes through his review is whether the “previous inappropriate relationship” violated the terms of Petrino’s contract. The portion in question is “engaging in conduct, as solely determined by the University, which is clearly contrary to the character and responsibilities of a person occupying the position of Head Football Coach or which negatively or adversely affects the reputation of the University or UAF’s athletics programs in any way.”

Hiring a possible mistress would certainly seem to fall in that category.

Lying about Dorrell’s presence in Sunday’s motorcycle accident should be enough, in theory, to get Petrino fired for pulling Arkansas in to the scandal by association. UA released a statement Monday saying no one else was with Petrino at the time of the accident. That wasn’t true, and for a brief time on Thursday, the possibility existed that Arkansas was lying/covering something up because their statement didn’t match up with a police report released that day.

In short, Petrino could be terminated for a variety of reasons, all of which are at the discretion of Long. Had Petrino simply told the truth to begin with — or, at least not waited until the day the police report came out — he would no doubt be at greater odds of keeping his job.


Jessica Dorrell

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Lying about Jessica Dorrell may get Bobby Petrino in a lot of trouble

Good article from NBC Sports on the possibility of lying getting Petrino into lots of trouble. Jessica Dorrell’s role in Petrino’s future Posted by Ben Kercheval on April 6, 2012, 1:53 PM EDT APBased on what Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino said in a statement last night, the coach appeared to be in a “previous inappropriate relationship” with […]

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Dr. Adrian Rogers – Steadfast Loyalty To Your Wife

Uploaded by on Jan 18, 2009

A Powerful comparison to Christ loving the church and the husband never walking out on the wife.



ESPN’s Mark Schlabach at Little Rock Touchdown Club (Part 3)

Tyler Wilson

Earlier I wrote about where I think Arkansas could win a national championship with just two more wins.

Below is a portion of an article by Jim Harris of the website Arkansas 360:

AND ON BOBBY: Schlabach, on Arkansas’ coach: “I said when he was hired that Bobby Petrino would make Arkansas a contender for the national championship in three years. And hey, I’m from Atlanta and not many people there like the guy.”

BEEN THERE: Much talk and reflection among Touchdown Club hosts David Bazzel and Rex Nelson and prayer leader Gary Underwood were over Garrett Uekman’s untimely death Sunday in a University of Arkansas dormintory less than 24 hours after he’d been a part of the Hogs’ 44-17 win over Mississippi State in Little Rock.

ESPN’s Schlabach said he was encamped with the University of Miami’s football team five years ago when Bryan Pata was murdered during the season. Pata was gunned down in broad daylight outside his apartment as the season was winding down; five years later, no one has been arrested in the case.

“It’s one of the worse things that can happen,” said Schlabach, who had seen the reports the past 24 hours of the Little Rock native’s sudden passing, the cause of which hasn’t been determined. “It’s always said to see [a dream] end that way.”

As for how Arkansas’ players might react through the week and at LSU on Friday, Schlabach said, “Kids are very resilient at age 18 to 21.”

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Petrino versus Saban, it doesn’t get any better than that

Both Arkansas and Alabama have the very best coaches in the SEC in my view. I look for future SEC Championships from both of these guys. Of course, when I say SEC Championships then you know it is a small jump and hop to national championship too.


Harry King makes some good points about last week and looks forward to the Arkansas at Alabama game this week:

Forget about 38-28

Posted on 21 September 2011

By Harry King

LITTLE ROCK — Don’t let the final 22:28 of the Troy game color your opinion of Arkansas.

If you thought the Razorbacks would give the Crimson Tide fits, zero in on 31-7, and dismiss the 38-28 final. If you thought Arkansas would win the Western Division of the Southeastern Conference, continue to believe.

Negative reverberations to Troy’s point total are over the top.

Do not turn on defensive coordinator Willy Robinson after heaping praise on him and his group for holding the first two opponents to a total of 10 points.

One Troy touchdown came after Zach Hocker’s errant kickoff provided the Trojans with a short field, one was courtesy of Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson, and the third came in the final seconds when there was confusion in the secondary.

Bobby Petrino has addressed those points.

The essentials for beating Alabama are unchanged. The Razorbacks must tackle the Crimson Tide running backs and force A.J. McCarron to beat them. On the other side, Arkansas must protect Wilson. All the playmakers in the world are not worth a first down if the quarterback can’t get them the ball.

Despite the 102,000 fans in Tuscaloosa, Arkansas can prevail. The easiest way to win on the road is to be superior. In Arkansas’ case, that does not apply.

The No. 2 choice is to play superb defense. For example:

—Concentrating on quarterback Chris Relf, LSU held Mississippi State to 52 yards rushing and 193 total in a 19-6 victory in Starkville where Dan Mullen has revitalized the fan base.

—Oklahoma limited Florida State to 27 yards rushing in a 10-point victory at Tallahassee in front of almost 85,000.

One given is that Petrino’s play-calling will be flexible. So far this year, he has been adamant about throwing on first down.

In fact, Nick Saban’s minion who broke down film on Arkansas’ play selection probably double-checked his findings before presenting them to his boss.

The Alabama coach will accept the skewed numbers, digest them, and concoct some counter moves. Getting an opponent into third-and-long is the rallying cry of defensive coaches and that often begins with digging in against a first-down run.

A financial analyst based in Nashville, Tenn., called attention to Petrino’s propensity for throwing on first down in the season opener and that trend has continued. Against Missouri State, Arkansas called 17 passes and two runs on first down in the first half.

A week later, a couple of trick running plays led to a quick touchdown and Marquel Wade’s 85-yard kickoff return was worth another six points so the Razorbacks only snapped the ball 13 times in the first period. In the second quarter, Arkansas called 15 passes and four runs on first down.

Arkansas’ first three plays against Troy were passes, two of them good for first downs on the way to a touchdown. On the second possession, the Razorbacks called a pass each of the first five times they had a first down and scored another TD. In the second quarter, Arkansas was seven pass, two run on first down.

Saban once said his philosophy on first and second down is to stop the run and play good zone pass defense. Occasionally, he said, his team will play man to man against the pass and blitz.

Both Petrino and Saban will win a fair share of the guessing game; equally important is ability of the players.

Harry King is sports columnist for Stephens Media’s Arkansas News Bureau. His e-mail address is hking@arkansasnews.com.

Bobby Bowden at Little Rock Touchdown Club (Part 3) jh24

I really enjoyed hearing Bobby Bowden speak at the Little Rock Touchdown Club on September 12th and I wanted to put one more post up about it.

Below is an article by Harry King on the Bowden talk.

Punch lines on cue from Bowden

Posted on 13 September 2011

By Harry King

LITTLE ROCK — Some of his material could use an update, but Bobby Bowden’s timing and inflection are good enough for an opening act at a comedy club.

The 81-year-old former Florida State football coach evoked lots of yucks at the Little Rock Touchdown Club on Monday, although a couple of punch lines were familiar and his story about autographed pictures would have worked just as well in Alabama by subbing Nick Saban’s name for that of Bobby Petrino.

Bowden left me wanting more inside football. He talked briefly about how college realignment is driven by money, how winning football attracts students, and how the 25-scholarship limit plays a big role in the number of upsets. He said he could live without a playoff in college football — “It’s not going to get much better than Oregon-Auburn” — and that he didn’t think it would happen because a large majority of college presidents are against it.

Although Missouri and West Virginia are mentioned most often as possible partners with Texas A&M in a move to the Southeastern Conference, Florida State is often in the speculation. They could have joined Arkansas in the SEC 20 years ago, but chose the Atlantic Coast Conference where Bowden believes they will remain.

“People older like I am like tradition,” he said.

Bowden mentioned how he harped on enthusiasm when he was hired at Florida State in 1976 and how persistence might be the most valuable asset in football. He recalled losing two centers in one game early in the 1980 season and losing to Miami the next week when the snap was fumbled 10 times. A week later, the Seminoles were going to play at No. 3 Nebraska and the only two candidates at center had originally been scheduled to be redshirted.

A 185-pound walk-on won the job over a 235-pound scholarship player. At Nebraska, the Seminoles couldn’t do anything in the first half and trailed 14-3. In the second half, the FSU quarterback rolled out regularly to escape the noseman.

The center, he said, hasn’t blocked the Nebraska noseman yet, but the Seminoles did not have a turnover and the Cornhuskers had four in a loss that put FSU on the map.

His message, often delivered to business owners, is to get dependable people.

Bowden opened the comedy with a story about him speaking to a group of Methodists in Georgia. A Southern Baptist, Bowden was asked by a Methodist minister if he was comfortable addressing the audience.

Sure, Bowden said, adding that the two groups worship a bit differently. Asked again, Bowden said he explained, “Y’all continue to do it your way; we’ll continue to do it His.”

The one about trying to get rid of his 10 complimentary game tickets the first year he was at FSU was more predictable. He accommodated family and neighbors and still had two left. Even the school janitor turned him down so he drove to a mall in Tallahassee, put the tickets on the car windshield, and went for a haircut.

An hour later, he came out and there were six tickets on the windshield.

During the three years prior to Bowden’s arrival, the Seminoles won four games. From 1987 to 2000, FSU finished in the top five in The Associated Press poll.

Under Bowden, Florida State won two national championships. Given my druthers, he would have expounded on those teams and some of his others.

Harry King is sports columnist for Stephens Media’s Arkansas News Bureau. His e-mail address is hking@arkansasnews.com.

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