February 23, 2022 READING A PROVERB A DAY (PROVERBS 23) Family friend killed by drunk driver! Proverbs 23:23 Get the truth and never sell it;    also get wisdom, discipline, and good judgment.

Proverbs 23 New Living Translation

23 While dining with a ruler,
    pay attention to what is put before you.
If you are a big eater,
    put a knife to your throat;
don’t desire all the delicacies,
    for he might be trying to trick you.

Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich.
    Be wise enough to know when to quit.
In the blink of an eye wealth disappears,
    for it will sprout wings
    and fly away like an eagle.

Don’t eat with people who are stingy;
    don’t desire their delicacies.
They are always thinking about how much it costs.[a]
    “Eat and drink,” they say, but they don’t mean it.
You will throw up what little you’ve eaten,
    and your compliments will be wasted.

Don’t waste your breath on fools,
    for they will despise the wisest advice.

10 Don’t cheat your neighbor by moving the ancient boundary markers;
    don’t take the land of defenseless orphans.
11 For their Redeemer[b] is strong;
    he himself will bring their charges against you.

12 Commit yourself to instruction;
    listen carefully to words of knowledge.

13 Don’t fail to discipline your children.
    The rod of punishment won’t kill them.
14 Physical discipline
    may well save them from death.[c]

15 My child,[d] if your heart is wise,
    my own heart will rejoice!
16 Everything in me will celebrate
    when you speak what is right.

17 Don’t envy sinners,
    but always continue to fear the Lord.
18 You will be rewarded for this;
    your hope will not be disappointed.

19 My child, listen and be wise:
    Keep your heart on the right course.
20 Do not carouse with drunkards
    or feast with gluttons,
21 for they are on their way to poverty,
    and too much sleep clothes them in rags.

22 Listen to your father, who gave you life,
    and don’t despise your mother when she is old.
23 Get the truth and never sell it;
    also get wisdom, discipline, and good judgment.
24 The father of godly children has cause for joy.
    What a pleasure to have children who are wise.[e]
25 So give your father and mother joy!
    May she who gave you birth be happy.

26 O my son, give me your heart.
    May your eyes take delight in following my ways.
27 A prostitute is a dangerous trap;
    a promiscuous woman is as dangerous as falling into a narrow well.
28 She hides and waits like a robber,
    eager to make more men unfaithful.

29 Who has anguish? Who has sorrow?
    Who is always fighting? Who is always complaining?
    Who has unnecessary bruises? Who has bloodshot eyes?
30 It is the one who spends long hours in the taverns,
    trying out new drinks.
31 Don’t gaze at the wine, seeing how red it is,
    how it sparkles in the cup, how smoothly it goes down.
32 For in the end it bites like a poisonous snake;
    it stings like a viper.
33 You will see hallucinations,
    and you will say crazy things.
34 You will stagger like a sailor tossed at sea,
    clinging to a swaying mast.
35 And you will say, “They hit me, but I didn’t feel it.
    I didn’t even know it when they beat me up.
When will I wake up
    so I can look for another drink?”

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Treasuring Truth Proverbs 23:23 #2095
We are grateful for the opportunity to provide this outline produced from a sermon preached by Adrian Rogers while serving as pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee.
This outline is intended for your personal, non-commercial use.
In order to ensure our ability to be good stewards of Adrian Rogers’ messages, Love Worth Finding has reserved all rights to this content.
Except for your personal, non-commercial use and except for brief quotations in printed reviews, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means —electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or any other— without the prior permission of the publisher.
Copyright ©2021 Love Worth Finding Ministries, Inc.

a) Thecasualtyofpresent-dayAmericaisfallentruth.
i) We have sacrificed truth on the altar of pragmatism. (1) We no longer ask, “Is it true?”
(2) We now ask, “Does it work?”
ii) Wehavelosttheideathatthereissuchathingasfixedtruth.
b) Truthgoesbeyondfacts.
i) Facts in and of themselves may be true, but there is a difference in acquiring facts and learning truth.
(1) We are drowning in facts.
(a) The Bible says that knowledge in the last days will increase. (i) Daniel12:4
(2) The Bible speaks of those who are ever learning but not coming to the knowledge of truth.
(a) 2 Timothy 3:7
ii) Americatodayneedstruth.
(1) Where does mere intellectual knowledge take us?
(a) We are seeing more suicides, more broken homes, more drug abuse, more illness and more heartache today than ever before; yet, we have facts.
iii) Facts are like a recipe; truth is the meal.
c) Proverbs23:23
d) Satanisthesinisterministerofevilandthemasterofcamouflageand
i) His method is to deceive; His method is the lie.
(1) John 8:44
(a) Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees in this passage.
(2) Satan is the master liar.
(3) There is no truth in Satan, and he has corrupted our world.
(a) He ruined God’s creation through a lie. (i) Genesis3:1-5
ii) JesussaidthatSatan’smotiveismurder. (1) John 8:44
(2) Satan wants to bring death to youth, happiness, joy and purity.
(3) Satan wants to bring spiritual death, physical death and eternal death.
e) TherearethreespecificthingswelearnabouttruthfromProverbs23:23.
2) WEMUSTPRIZETHETRUTH(PROVERBS23:23) a) Wemustvaluetruthinourownhearts.
b) Truthisindispensable.
i) The Lord Jesus said that the Bible is truth. (1) It is called the Word of truth.
(a) 2 Timothy 2:15
ii) TheHolySpiritiscalledtheSpiritoftruth.
PAGE 2 Copyright ©2021 Love Worth Finding Ministries, Inc.

(1) John 16:13
iii) The Lord Jesus said that He is the truth.
(1) John 14:6
iv) The church is called the pillar and the ground of truth.
(1) 1 Timothy 3:15
v) The Apostle John said that he had no greater joy than to know that his
children walk in truth.
(1) 3 John 1:4
c) Truthisabsolute.
i) We have lost our absolutes today.
(1) We are told that we must be tolerant.
(a) Yet, in medicine, we’re not told that we need to be tolerant. (b) In mathematics and physics, we’re not told that we need to be
(2) When it comes to the greatest truth of all, which is spiritual truth,
we’re told that we need to be tolerant and that there are no fixed
absolutes in the world.
d) Truthisattainable.
i) We can know the truth.
ii) TheBibleisthepreceptsoftruth.
(1) John 17:17
iii) Jesus Christ is the person of truth.
(1) John 14:6
iv) The Holy Spirit is the power of truth.
(1) John 16:13
e) Ifwehavethepreceptsoftruthandunderstandthepersonoftruthbutdon’t
have the power of truth, then truth without power is deadening and depressing.
i) This is what the Bible calls the letter of the law rather than the spirit of
the law.
ii) Knowledgewithouttransformationavailsnothing.
(1) It only increases your judgment.
(a) If we hear the truth but don’t allow the Holy Spirit (who is the
power of truth) to transform us from information to
transformation, then our judgment will be all the greater. (b) 2 Peter 2:21
(2) One day, we will give account for all the truth we have heard.
(a) It would have been better to have not heard the truth than to hear
it and refuse to live by it.
a) Wegetthetruththroughwisdom,instructionandunderstanding. b) Thesearchfortruthiscostly.
i) There’s a price to pay if you would have truth.
Copyright ©2021 Love Worth Finding Ministries, Inc.

Copyright ©2021 Love Worth Finding Ministries, Inc.
i) The word “disciples” means “learners.”
ii) Truthalonewillnotmakeusfree.
(1) No matter how much truth we’re surrounded by, if we do not know the truth, learn the truth or understand the truth, then that truth avails us nothing.
iii) Jesus is speaking in this passage to those who believe. (1) We must believe.
iv) After we believe, then we must continue in the Word.
(1) In order to continue in the Word, we must be a disciple, a learner.
v) When we are a learner, then we will know the truth. (1) And then the truth makes us free.
WhatkeepsusgoinginourChristianlivesisnotwhatwefeelbutwhatwe know.
i) It is truth that delivers us from ignorance and the bondage of sin. Discipleshipiscostly,butignoranceisfarmorecostly.
What will it cost to know truth?
e) f)
i) ii)
It’s going to cost you time.
(1) Time is precious; however, ignorance is more costly than time. (2) Hurry is the death knell of prayer, study and meditation.
(3) Most people do not pay the price to purchase truth. Itwillcostyoudiscipline.
(1) Proverbs 23:23
(a) The word “instruction” may be translated “discipline.” (i) Instructionmeans“self-discipline.”
(2) We can pray for wisdom, but we have to study for instruction.
(3) Very few Christians are serious Bible students.
(a) It is no wonder that we are so easily led astray.
(4) We never get beyond the place where we need to study.
(5) 2 Timothy 4:13
(a) The Apostle Paul was in prison when he wrote this. (i) Itwashissecondimprisonment.
(ii) It was perhaps the last letter he would ever write.
(b) He wanted something to protect his body.
(i) Weshouldnevergetsospiritualthatweneglectourbodies. (ii) God knows that we have physical needs.
(c) Most scholars believe that the parchments here were the Old Testament Scriptures that Paul had.
(i) Paulwasattheendofhislife,andhewasstillastudent.
1. He was proficient in many languages.
2. He wrote most of the New Testament.
3. HehadseentheLordfacetoface.
4. He had been to Heaven and back in a vision.
5. He still wanted to read and study.

Copyright ©2021 Love Worth Finding Ministries, Inc.
(6) There are at least four reasons why we should read: (a) For enlightenment
(i) Weneedtogetholdoftruth.
1. Truth is to our spirit what food is to our body. 2. Truth is to our spirit what light is to our eyes.
(ii) Don’t read merely to get facts; read to get truth. (iii)To know truth is to know God.
1. To know truth is to know Jesus.
2. Jesus is truth.
(iv)All truth is God’s truth.
1. The devil doesn’t have any truth. a. He is the source of deception.
(v) We need to read widely, in addition to the Bible, as the Apostle Paul did.
1. Paul was a very literate man.
a. He quoted the Greek poets and philosophers.
i. Acts 17:28
(vi)The Bible gives us a lens, a radar, by which we trust and test all
other truth.
1. All real truth intersects.
2. When we learn the truth, then we will see how it relates to
all other truths and how it comes together.
(vii) We are to be a channel of truth.
1. If we read and grow in knowledge but not in grace, then we will make ourselves obnoxious.
a. 1 Corinthians 8:1
(b) For enjoyment
(i) Readingisexciting.
1. We can meet people in books whom we’ve always wanted to meet.
2. We can visit periods of history.
3. Wecanvisitfarawayplacesinbooks.
4. We can read books that grapple with the great issues of life,
death and eternity.
a. There are no problems that are new.
i. Ecclesiastes 1:9
(ii) When we read, we can learn great truths including theology,
which is the greatest truth of all.
1. Theology is called the Queen of the Sciences. (c) For enrichment
(i) Ignorancewillcostyoualotmorethanbooks.
(ii) Your children can inherit your books and enjoy your knowledge. (iii)Build character in your home by putting truth into your

| PROVERBS 23:23 | #2095
Copyright ©2021 Love Worth Finding Ministries, Inc.
1. There needs to be devotional truth for the heart.
2. There needs to be doctrinal truth for the mind.
3. Thereneedstobepracticaltruthforthewill.
a. Children need to learn about missions, prayer, soul winning, home building, and other disciplines.
(iv)Are you growing in knowledge and in truth? 1. Are you excited about truth?
a. What new truths are you learning?
2. Are you experiencing freedom in your life?
a. John 8:32
b. Areyoustillinbondagetopoliticalcorrectness,
prejudice, lies, the party line, pressures and fears?
3. Areyoulearninghumility?
a. A person who is learning truth doesn’t tell you how much he knows, but how little he knows and how much he has yet to learn.
b. 1Corinthians8:1
4. Are you learning balance?
a. God helps us to have balance.
i. Not all worship and no evangelism. ii. Notallevangelismandnoworship. iii. Not all prophecy and no devotion. iv. Not all program and no meditation.
(d) For enablement
(i) Toallowustodowhatweneedtodo.
1. We could not do what we need to do if we remain static and do not grow.
(ii) In order to do our jobs better, we need to upgrade our skills. (iii)Reading alone will not help us improve.
1. We need to apply what we read. (iv)Do not become a book recluse.
1. Readers are leaders, and leaders are readers. iii) It will cost you obedience.
(1) If you are simply a gatherer of facts and a notetaker but do not obey what you hear, then you are living dangerously.
(2) Truth is transformational.
(3) Romans 12:1-2
(a) As your mind feeds on truth, your mind is renewed.
(4) If you learn truth but don’t act on it, you do yourself danger.
(a) Impression without expression leads to depression.
(5) James 1:22
(a) A person who hears the truth and does not act upon it is self- deceived.

(i) Someonewhogoestochurchandravesaboutthechoirandthe sermon but does not put it into practice is self-deceived.
(6) Matthew 7:26
(a) Jesus said that a person who hears His words but doesn’t obey
them is a foolish person. g) Proverbs23:23
i) Buy the truth, and don’t sell it.
i) There is nothing so valuable that we should exchange truth for it.
b) Titus1:9
c) Philippians1:27
d) Jude1:3
e) We’reinabattlefortruth.
i) There is an open war today on the Word of God. (1) There are those who deny the truth.
(2) There are those who distort the truth.
(a) There are those who claim to get extra-biblical revelations and visions.
(i) Thisisadangerousthingbecausesoontheseextra-biblical revelations become anti-biblical revelation, and people are led away from the Word of God.
(3) There are those who dilute the truth.
(a) They mix the truth with error to try to accommodate what they
(i) Forexample,therearethosewhotrytoaccommodate
themselves to evolution because they believe that’s scientific truth, and yet, they say that they believe the Bible.
1. So, they say that they believe evolution is God’s way of doing
2. In truth, however, you cannot have both because they are
(ii) They try to fit things together that do not fit.
(4) There are those who defile the truth.
(a) They preach what is true, but they do not live what they preach.
(i) TheymakemerchandiseoftheWordofGod. (b) 2 Corinthians 2:17
a) Proverbs23:23
i) “Buy the truth and sell it not.”
Copyright ©2021 Love Worth Finding Ministries, Inc.

Copyright ©2021 Love Worth Finding Ministries, Inc.
c) d) e) f)
g) h) i)
WhenthechildofGodlooksintotheWordofGodandseestheSonofGod and is changed by the Spirit of God into the image of God for the glory of God, then he has found the truth of God, as he’s been set free. Jesusisthepersonoftruth.
TheBibleistheproclamationoftruth. TheHolySpiritisthepoweroftruth.
The Lord Jesus Christ loves you so much that He died for you as if you had been the only one who ever needed it.
i) He took your sins to the cross and paid your sin debt.
(1) What must you do?
(a) You must believe it. (b) You must receive it. (c) You must confess it.
ConfessJesusChristasLord. PraytoHimnow,askingHimtocomeintoyourlife.
Call upon Jesus today. Repent (turn) from your sins, and turn to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and acknowledge Him as Lord of your life.
i) Romans 3:23
ii) Romans10:9-10
iii) Romans 10:13
iv) Acts 16:31
v) John 3:16

The Battle of The Bottle part 1 Adrian Rogers

Uploaded by on Jun 23, 2011

The famous preacher Adrian Rogers gives a phenomenal message about alcohol. One of my favorite sermons of all time.

When I was growing up I admit there were times that I did not listen to my pastor’s sermon at church as attentively as I should have. However, there were times that he gave real life examples from the pulpit that caught my attention. One of those examples was the statistic that over 50% of deaths on the highway included a driver where alcohol was involved.

My pastor’s name was Adrian Rogers of Bellevue Baptist of Cordova, Tennessee and sadly one of Bellevue’s members, Billy Penn, was killed on Wednesday night September 26th by a drunk driver after leaving Wednesday night services.

My three sisters and I went to high school at Evangelical Christian School (ECS) in Cordova with Penn’s three children and my father had known Billy for forty years. Actually my father had left the same church parking lot on September 26th that Billy was in and Penn was killed just a mile away from the church.

At our family Sunday lunch on September 30, 2012, my father used the opportunity to discuss the dangers of alcohol with his grandchildren and that is exactly what I wanted to share today.

My father asked what is to come of 21-year-old Jordan Stonebrook who was the other driver? According to WMC-TV in Memphis Stonebrook slammed head on into Penn’s Buick Park Avenue around 9 p.m., Wednesday, September 26. Investigators say Stonebrook, who was driving a Chevy Tahoe was going the wrong way on Cordova Road.

Witnesses said Stonebrook apparently started driving the wrong way. For about half of a mile, other cars were dodging him going into the other lane and some even driving up on the curb.

Police said Stonebrook appeared intoxicated. Investigators said Stonebrook later said he started drinking a few hours earlier, downing seven shots of rum. Stonebrook was not seriously hurt in the crash.

WREG-TV reported that the Collierville man accused of drinking and driving just turned 21 -years-old last month.

Now, he’s charged with vehicular homicide.

“He’s got a life ahead of him and he’s got that burden on him for the rest of his days,” said Cordova resident Lisa Douba.  “He’ll never be able to forget that.”

Stonebrook faces up to 30 years in prison for this crime.

Right now, he is being held on a $100,000 bond.

Here are some of the details I remember from my pastor’s sermons on alcohol. Billy Sunday told a story that Adrian Rogers repeated for us:

I feel like an old fellow in Tennessee who made his living by catching rattlesnakes. He caught one with fourteen rattles and put it in a box with a glass top. One day when he was sawing wood his little five-year old boy,Jim, took the lid off and the rattler wriggled out and struck him in the cheek. He ran to his father and said, “The rattler has bit me.” The father ran and chopped the rattler to pieces, and with his jackknife he cut a chunk from the boy’s cheek and then sucked and sucked at the wound to draw out the poison. He looked at little Jim, watched the pupils of his eyes dilate and watched him swell to three times his normal size, watched his lips become parched and cracked, and eyes roll, and little Jim gasped and died.

The father took him in his arms, carried him over by the side of the rattler, got on his knees and said, “God, I would not give little Jim for all the rattlers that ever crawled over the Blue Ridge mountains.”

That is the question that must be answered by everyone no matter what their religious beliefs. Is the pleasure of drinking alcohol worth the life of one of your children?

Here is a scripture that describes what will happen to a person under the influence of alcohol:

Proverbs 23:29-32
(29) Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? who hath contentions? who hath babbling? who hath wounds without cause? who hath redness of eyes?
(30) They that tarry long at the wine; they that go to seek mixed wine.
(31) Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his color in the cup, when it moveth itself aright.
(32) At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder.

Jordan Stonebrook told the policemen on the scene that he was fed up and decided to get drunk. The results were much the same as the scripture indicated.

There have been several high-profile deaths recently where alcohol was involved. Ryan Dunn was a reality tv star and his untimely death on June 20, 2011 was also caused by drunk driving. Dunn actually tweeted a picture of himself drinking just moments before he left the bar and crashed his car killing everyone in his car.

The Huffington Post reported on October 26, 2011, “Amy Winehouse drank herself to death. That was the ruling of a coroner’s inquest into the death of the Grammy-winning soul singer, who died with empty vodka bottles in her room and lethal amounts of alcohol in her blood – more than five times the British drunk driving limit.”

I didn’t know it was possible to drink yourself to death in one day, but I discovered that also AC/DC’s lead singer Bon Scott also drank himself to death back on February 19, 1980.

Those are several cases of famous people dying because of alcohol use, but it touches almost every family at some point. If sharing this with the readers of the Saline Courier would help even one person to avoid this same fate then it has been well worth writing this article.


Everette Hatcher is a regular contributor to The Saline Courier. He is the fourth generation in his family to work in the broom manufacturing business. Everette and his wife Jill have four children and live in Alexander.

Ryan Dunn and his friends moments before they died.

Flickr user Eric Lewis posted the image below with a caption that says the photo shows what’s left of Dunn’s car.

Ryan Dunn (on left) seen moments before his wreck. This shot was removed from his tumblr site.

The Battle of The Bottle part 2 Adrian Rogers

Uploaded by on Jun 23, 2011

The famous preacher Adrian Rogers gives a phenomenal message about alcohol. One of my favorite sermons of all time.

Amy Winehouse
Singer Amy Winehouse

The Battle of The Bottle part 4 Adrian Rogers

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