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Prodigal Daughter

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Release Date: October 04, 2013

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Jon Feltheimer, CEO, Lionsgate Films AKA Lions Gate Films (Summit Entertainment/Roadside Attractions)
2700 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone: (310) 449-9200; Fax: (310) 255-3870


(CCC, BBB, AA, M) Very strong Christian worldview with very strong moral, pro-family messages; no foul language, plus one reference to going to the bathroom; no violence; no sex; no nudity; alcohol use and girl passes out from drinking; no smoking or drugs; and, girl lies and runs away from home, but repents.



GRACE UNPLUDGGED is about the young daughter of a former rock star who found Jesus and now must lead his wayward daughter away from bad influences and back to Christ. GRACE UNPLUDGGED keeps you on the edge of your seat and is one of the best, most entertaining, and most powerful, heartrending Christian movie ever produced.



GRACE UNPLUGGED is an extremely well produced, faith-filled, jeopardy packed movie that speaks to all the millions of parents whose children want to get into the entertainment industry.

Grace is the daughter of John Trey, a famous rock singer who crashed and found Jesus. When Grace was little, John gave her a guitar. Now, they sing together, much to her mother’s delight.

However, 18-year-old Grace is getting more and more rebellious. She wants to sing her style of music. She wants to do things her way. She wants to go into the music industry, while John only wants to sing with her in church. And, she doesn’t want to talk about it, even though John is overly protective and presses her hard to make the right choices.

Through a quirk of fate, John’s major music hit from the past gets a second chance by becoming a YouTube sensation. His former manager, Frank “Mossy” Mostin, who’s been on the rocks for many years, comes to John to say he’s got him a big record deal with Sapphire Records. So, they’re back in business.

Mossy is stunned, however, when John doesn’t want the offer. He wants to remain in a small Southern town in an out-of-the-way church. Grace, however, records herself singing her father’s song and sends it to Mossy. Mossy hires her on the spot, and she runs away from home to Hollywood.

Mossy is a conniving, music industry veteran with a Romantic worldview. He sets her up with Jason, a TV star, in order to raise her profile and rope her in tighter to the music scene. Her pop music idol tells her that her body is her biggest asset and sometimes you have to spend it. The only bright light is a young Christian intern at Sapphire Records, who has recommitted his life to Christ. He tries to serve as Grace’s conscience while pointing her back to Jesus in very subtle, wonderful ways.

John comes out to Hollywood to take Grace home. Grace finds out Jason is just using her. And, life starts to unravel in a major way. Will Grace return to Christ before she heads down the road to perdition?

GRACE UNPLUGGED is a extraordinarily well structured movie. The mother/father dialogue is real. The father/daughter dialogue is real. The Hollywood manager is a smooth talking devilish egotist, who actually makes a lot of sense. Grace is getting what she desires, but is that what she needs?

GRACE UNPLUGGED is tremendous. It isn’t just a three hankie but a whole Kleenex box movie. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. This type of clean, evangelistic movie is a departure for Lionsgate Films. They’ve done Tyler Perry movies, but GRACE UNPLUGGED goes the next step. It’s one of the best, most entertaining Christian movies ever produced. MOVIEGUIDE® only hopes they market the movie well enough that every family wants to see it. GRACE UNPLUGGED will help many families and keep them from going through the heartache of the prodigal son or daughter.

5 Reasons You Should See GRACE UNPLUGGED

By Ben Kayser, Managing Editor of MOVIEGUIDE®


5Reasons to see Grace Unplugged1
1. It’s an enjoyable, heartfelt and entertaining movie. The quality storytelling and moving performances meet and even exceed industry standards. GRACE UNPLUGGED is loads of fun for the whole family.

5Reasons to see Grace Unplugged2

2. It proclaims the name of Jesus. It’s not everyday we get to see movies in theaters that magnify the name of Jesus. By seeing GRACE UNPLUGGED, you are making a statement about the importance of your faith.

5Reasons to see Grace Unplugged3

3. It has an important message for everyone. Whether you’re a father, mother, daughter or even a son, GRACE UNPLUGGED has important messages about the importance of family, and following God’s calling rather than one’s own.

5Reasons to see Grace Unplugged4

4. It’s a great evangelism tool. Bring a friend who needs Jesus or just an encouraging word. GRACE UNPLUGGED is a great conversation starter about the important things of life.

5Reasons to see Grace Unplugged5

5.  Did we mention how fun this movie is?

“Grace Unplugged is tremendous … one of the best, most entertaining Christian movies ever made.” – Dr. Ted Baehr, Movieguide

*            Grace Unplugged is the #1 viewer rated film on Fandango

*         90% viewer rating on Rotten Tomatoes (same as Gravity)

*         Cinemascore (exit survey) of A- (same as Gravity)

*         $1 million box office opening weekend

Read our review here.
Watch our interview with the cast here:

Exclusive Grace Unplugged Interviews

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