Truth Tuesday:Links to Schaeffer’s works from Tim Challies’ blog

The Scientific Age

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Dr. Schaeffer’s sweeping epic on the rise and decline of Western thought and Culture


I love the works of Francis Schaeffer and I have been on the internet reading several blogs that talk about Schaeffer’s work and the work below with all the links to Schaeffer’s works from Tim Challies’ blog was really helpful. Schaeffer’s film series “How should we then live?  Wikipedia notes, “According to Schaeffer, How Should We Then Live traces Western history from Ancient Rome until the time of writing (1976) along three lines: the philosophic, scientific, and religious.[3] He also makes extensive references to art and architecture as a means of showing how these movements reflected changing patterns of thought through time. Schaeffer’s central premise is: when we base society on the Bible, on the infinite-personal God who is there and has spoken,[4] this provides an absolute by which we can conduct our lives and by which we can judge society.  Here are some posts I have done on this series: Francis Schaeffer’s “How should we then live?” Video and outline of episode 10 “Final Choices” episode 9 “The Age of Personal Peace and Affluence”episode 8 “The Age of Fragmentation”episode 7 “The Age of Non-Reason” episode 6 “The Scientific Age”  episode 5 “The Revolutionary Age” episode 4 “The Reformation” episode 3 “The Renaissance”episode 2 “The Middle Ages,”, and  episode 1 “The Roman Age,” .

In the film series “WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE HUMAN RACE?” the arguments are presented  against abortion (Episode 1),  infanticide (Episode 2),   euthanasia (Episode 3), and then there is a discussion of the Christian versus Humanist worldview concerning the issue of “the basis for human dignity” in Episode 4 and then in the last episode a close look at the truth claims of the Bible.

Francis Schaeffer


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Today we celebrate the 100th birthday of Francis Schaeffer, the 20th century American pastor, theologian, and philosopher. Udo Middleman, President of The Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation, describes him as one who “communicated the truth of historic Biblical Christianity in a way that combined intellectual integrity, artistic sensitivity and a practical loving care. With a sharpened analytical mind he understood and uncovered the roots of modern thinking and its logical conclusion across a wide range of disciplines.”

Schaeffer wrote 22 books in his lifetime (1912-1984). It is a testimony to the worth of his thinking and writing that almost every one of these books is still individually available in print.

Below is a list of his five bestselling titles on Amazon, as well as some additional resources.

Bestselling Books

  1. How Should We Then Live? – This one has a 5-hour corresponding DVD.
  2. Art and the Bible
  3. The Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy – Includes the books The God Who Is There, Escape from Reason, and He Is There and He Is Not Silent.
  4. True Spirituality
  5. Genesis in Space and Time

For the most value, you can get all 22 of his books in The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer for less than $100. (See also the great deals Crossway has on some of his works.)

Free Online Content

Thanks to Joe Carter for listing most of these in his post on The Gospel Coalition blog last week. They are either by or about Schaeffer.


Two of the most significant organizations or institutions that Schaeffer either founded or influenced:

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