Kiffin’s boasting comes back on him again

What should we make from USC’s shocking 21-14 loss to Stanford? Lou Holtz rightly said concerning USC, “They were not number 2 in the  country.The writers voted them there and they made a mistake. They were not the number two team.”

Earlier I mentioned that Kiffin looked silly for implying that USC had overcome the sanctions from the NCAA when they had appealed them for two years which resulted in them only being delayed. This of course means Kiffin hasn’t even got close to the finish line concerning the sanctions affects. Those will probably come in 2014 at the earliest.

Here is what I said in the earlier post:

I said in an earlier post that Lane Kiffin was silly recently when he talked about how they had overcome so much to earn the #1 ranking in the preseason poll. Sure enough he lost that ranking to Alabama a few days later and I pointed out that Kiffin was successful at only putting off the stiff NCAA recruiting sactions for 2 years and now he will have to reap the consequences in 2014-2015 when his junior and senior classes will be subpar for sure. Of course, these future penalties have not stopped Kiffin for bragging. The only thing I can think of that will do that will be Oregon or possibly a SEC team beat down in the national championship game.

John Robinson sounded pretty confident about USC when he spoke at the Little Rock Touchdown Club earlier this year. I do admit that the SEC can not continue to win the national championship every year. You would think that another team would come along and win it sooner or later.

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