Lane Kiffin a great coach? I doubt it but he will stretch the rules!!!

adam brimer/News Sentinel<br /><br /><br />
Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin reacts to a call during the Vols' 31-16 win over Vanderbilt in 2009.<br /><br /><br />

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adam brimer/News Sentinel Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin reacts to a call during the Vols’ 31-16 win over Vanderbilt in 2009.

I said in an earlier post that Lane Kiffin was silly recently when he talked about how they had overcome so much to earn the #1 ranking in the preseason poll. Sure enough he lost that ranking to Alabama a few days later and I pointed out that Kiffin was successful at only putting off the stiff NCAA recruiting sactions for 2 years and now he will have to reap the consequences in 2014-2015 when his junior and senior classes will be subpar for sure. Of course, these future penalties have not stopped Kiffin for bragging. The only thing I can think of that will do that will be Oregon or possibly a SEC team beat down in the national championship game.

John Robinson sounded pretty confident about USC when he spoke at the Little Rock Touchdown Club earlier this year. I do admit that the SEC can not continue to win the national championship every year. You would think that another team would come along and win it sooner or later.

Now a book has come along and claimed that Kiffin will be a great coach in the future, but he did stretch the rules while at Tennesseee.

Book says Lane Kiffin pushed NCAA envelope in taking on SEC

Anonymous emails to Hamilton questioned Kiffin

John Adams
  • By John Adams
  • Posted September 10, 2012 at 4 a.m.

A book devoted to recent SEC national champions still had room for Tennessee football. Fans can thankLane Kiffin for that.

“How the SEC Became Goliath,” is the title of the book, which chronicles the conference’s ascent to preeminence in collegefootball. Former Knoxville sportswriter Ray Glier, who now works as a freelance journalist, features each of the conference’s six consecutive national champions (2006-11).

But he also includes an entire chapter on former UT coach Lane Kiffin’s brief, but determined, attempt to put the Vols back among the league’s elite programs.

“The real hook for me (on Tennessee) was that it’s an incredibly competitive conference, and people will stretch rules to win games,” said Glier, a former executive sports editor of the Knoxville Journal. “I think he’s a great coach. He’s a great play caller. What was going on in the SEC (in 2009) with three consecutive titles made him more ambitious.”

A series of emails from an anonymous UT employee to former athletic directorMike Hamilton reflected how ambitious, Glier said. One of the emails, which Glier obtained, questioned the videotaping of voluntary workouts in the early months of Kiffin’s tenure at UT.

According to the book, the email to Hamilton read: “When the team is working on the defensive end of Haslam Field, someone is set up in the stairwell in Stokely (Ath

letic Center) with a camera. They film from inside the stairwell through a glass window across the street. It just raises the question, ‘If filming these workouts is permissible, why not use some of the towers (on the practice field)? Why hide it?’ ”

Hamilton didn’t respond with an email, Glier said.

Glier quoted another email from an anonymous UT employee to Hamilton: “I hope you budgeted extra money for defending (NCAA) violations.”

The name of whoever sent the emails to Hamilton was redacted, according to Glier.

An NCAA investigation of UT’s football program turned up no major violations — just a number of secondary violations under Kiffin, who took the head-coaching job at Southern California after one year at Tennessee.

“I wanted to show the passion (of SEC football) and what teams go through to win a title,” Glier said. “Also, I think (Kiffin is) a great coach. He was on his way (at Tennessee) but he was taking some short cuts.”

Glier closed his chapter on UT and Kiffin with this: “If not this season, then one season soon, Kiffin will get a chance to show the SEC, after all the rigmarole, that he was not just talk, that he may be the next great coach in college football.”

Glier’s book will go on sale in the next two weeks.

John Adams is a senior columnist. He may be reached at 865-342-6284 or Follow him at

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