Bill Clinton: Warned Democrats not to shy away from tackling entitlement programs (Part 1)

Paul Ryan meets Bill Clinton

Clinton tells Ryan that he’s glad Dems won the New York congressional race this week, but he’s afraid that Dems will never do the right thing on Medicare as a result. Amazing truth telling.


CNN Money reported yesterday:

 Bill Clinton had a word of warning on Wednesday for fellow Democrats: Don’t get too cocky about voters’ rejection of Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan.

In a special election for a vacant House seat on Tuesday, a Democrat candidate upset a Republican in a GOP-stronghold in upstate New York.

The race was widely seen as a proxy on Ryan’s controversial Republican proposal plan to convert Medicare into a voucher program.

Clinton, speaking at a fiscal summit sponsored by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, said the race showed that voters don’t like the Republican plan.

But he also told Democrats not to shy away from tackling entitlement programs.

“You shouldn’t look at the New York race and think that nobody can do anything to slow Medicare costs,” Clinton said.

House budget chief Ryan’s proposal would convert Medicare — the health care program for seniors — into a voucher program in 2022. Seniors would choose from a Medicare-approved list of private insurance plans. Wealthier seniors would pay more and poorer seniors would get federal subsidies.

Ryan, who spoke after Clinton at the summit, wasn’t asked directly about the New York race. But he did accuse Democrats of trying to use Medicare to scare seniors.

“Democrats are shamelessly demagoging and distorting this,” Ryan said. “Trying to scare seniors and (making) these things as political weapons creates political paralysis,” he said.

 Fmr President Clinton: Cannot Have Health Care to Devour Economy

Former President Bill Clinton chastised fellow Democrats today for employing scare tactics while on the campaign trail. Clinton also commented on House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan, saying that although it may not be the best proposal, “you cannot have health care devour the economy.”


Republicans Voted to End Medicare: How Will You Pay?

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