Andrew Breitbart spoke to Little Rock, Arkansas group May 25, 2011 (Part 2, video clips )

Andrew Breibart spoke in Little Rock on May 25, 2011 to a packed room.

The second monthly luncheon with featured speaker Andrew Breitbart was excellent. (Check out the Tolbert Report for more coverage of this event.)

First, we got to hear from Dave Elswick of KARN   who came up with the idea of this luncheon, and then from Teresa Crossland of Americans for Prosperity. Here are some video clips.

Andrew Breitbart in Arkansas Breitbart talks about the Clintons.wmv

Conservative film activist Andrew Breitbart spoke in Little Rock on Wednseday May 25th at the Hilton Hotel. The room was packed with conservative activist and Tea Party members. Breitbart talked about dealing with the liberal media and how the left indoctrinate the public on so many levels. Americans for Prosperity hosted the event.


Andrew Breitbart in Arkansas Media destroying our culture.wmv

Andrew Breitbart chatting before the speech starts.wmv

Andrew Breitbart on 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates (from Tolbert Report)

Concerning the above clip Jason Tolbert wrote:

Brietbart also offered his thought on the current Republican Presidential candidate pointing at that it is still very early and we still need to get to know the candidate better and hopes more candidates get in the race. He pointed specifically to Rep. Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan, Herman Cain who has announced and is now “being taken seriously by the grassroots,”  and Rep. Allen West of Florida.

“I don’t want the Republican establishment to think that it has the ability after all its year of ineptitude, that it thinks it is going to come in and give us another John McCain or give us another Bob Dole or give us the inferior product.”

He said the he appears in Sarah Palin’s upcoming movie defending her because she is being attacked by what he called “the Democrat media complex” because of her ability to connect with conservatives. He also blames Republicans for “kicking her when she down” following the criticism against her after the Tucson shootings.

“When the Republican establishment does not stand up for those that stick their necks out for conservative principles, then the conservative establishment has become worthless,” said Breitbart

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