Rogelio Baena learned last week he was not boy’s father, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was

Rogelio Baena, ex-husband of Mildred
Picture: Mildred Baena and son to Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Entertainment Tonight
USA Today reported:  

The other player in the Arnold Schwarzenegger-Maria Shriver split has surfaced.

Rogelio Baena, the ex-husband of Mildred “Patty” Baena, Arnold’s mistress, has broken his silence to speak to Entertainment Tonight.

Rogelio, who conducted some of the interview in Spanish, tells ET – in an interview that aired tonight and continues on Wednesday – he thought the boy Arnold has admitted fathering, was his biological child all along and that he learned that the boy was not his son only “one week ago.”

His reaction? “Angry! Very, very angry! Arnold Shwarzenegger, for me, was my hero. Now, I feel betrayed.”

The Baenas split two months after she gave birth to the boy. Rogelio last spoke to his son last year and said he did not know where he and Patty are now.

Married to Patty for 10 years, Rogelio says he’d like to tell his son, “I am your father. That’s all.”

The Associated Press reported today:

LOS ANGELES – The estranged husband of the woman identified by some media as the mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s out-of-wedlock son says he feels betrayed by the former governor.

In an interview broadcast Tuesday on “Entertainment Tonight,” Rogelio Baena said he learned last week he was not the boy’s biological father. He says he will always regard the boy as his own.

“The Insider” also broadcast video Tuesday of Maria Shriver praising Mildred Baena at a 2001 celebration for one of Baena’s relatives.

Shriver said she was proud of Baena for being a single, hard-working mother. Schwarzenegger can be heard echoing her praise, saying the housekeeper did “an incredible job.”

Mildred Baena has been identified as the mother of Schwarzenegger’s child by The New York Times and other media. The Associated Press has not independently verified she is the mother.

I have written many times about Arnold Schwarzenegger before. Here are just a few of the times:1. President Reagan having a photo taken with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas. 8/23/84.2.Here is a video clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger using an Airlight
 as a prop for “cleaning house” in the California Recall
Election as seen on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, ect in 2003. The
Airlight Broom is manufactured by Little Rock Broom Works.3. I heard John Fund of the Wall Street Journal speak in Little Rock on April 27, 2011 and in his speech he mentioned the struggle that Arnold Schwarzenegger had with the envirnomentalists in California. I took time to repeat a lot of the facts about that in my blog post that day. 4. At that same luncheon on April 27th that I mentioned earlier, one subject that John Fund brought up was the red tape that Arnold Schwarzenegger had to deal with in California. I wrote about that too.5. St. James Palace has confirmed  that Kate Middleton and Prince William – or, more officially, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – will be visiting California from July 8-10 this summer. Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to greet the Royals as they touch down.6. Which is better for setting up a business: California or Texas? Arnold Schwarzenegger is mentioned in this post too.7. Arnold Schwarzenegger is fond of quoting Milton Friedman but he rejected fiscal conservative idea to cut spending.8. Pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver through the years. Video clip of them at Ronald Reagan’s funeral.9. I wrote a post on American Exceptionalism and put in a video clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger doing the introduction to an episode of “Free to Choose.”10. Will Maria Shriver’s marriage survive Arnold Schwarzenegger’s admission of  infidelity? I hope so (Part 1).11. Will Maria Shriver’s marriage survive Arnold Schwarzenegger’s admission of infidelity? I hope so (Part 2)12. Will Maria Shriver’s marriage survive Arnold Schwarzenegger’s admission of infidelity? I hope so (Part 3 )13. Will Maria Shriver’s marriage survive Arnold Schwarzenegger’s admission of infidelity? I hope so (Part  4)

14. Will Maria Shriver’s marriage survive Arnold Schwarzenegger’s admission of infidelity? I hope so (Part  5)

15. Will Maria Shriver’s marriage survive Arnold Schwarzenegger’s admission of infidelity? I hope so (Part  6)

In this series “Will Maria Shriver’s marriage survive Arnold Schwarzenegger’s admission of infidelity? I hope so,” there has been a great reaction to it by the public. I have included articles from “Family Life” of Little Rock, Arkansas about how to recover from an infidelity. I have also included info on how to take part in a “Weekend to Remember,” where you can hear “Family Life” speakers with your spouse. The only hope for Maria’s marriage will come from the power of Christ in her life to forgive. “A Family Life Conference” would be a great first step. Below is some info on that:  

In just one November weekend, for example, more than 6,200 people attended 10 Weekend to Remember® marriage getaways around the country. Here are a couple quotes from those who went:

We are moving from a place of being ready to divorce to looking forward to growing together through Christ. This has given us important tools to do so.

We’ve been walking separate roads for many years. Infidelity was the final straw leading us to divorce. I was filling out the papers two days before we came to this event. Over the course of the weekend we found each other, wrote love letters that will be kept as reminders of our true love for each other. I granted forgiveness that my husband really needed. We are going to burn the divorce papers when we get home!

In today’s culture, the issues of marriage and family are open doors for the gospel–the Good News of Christ. Because people want their marriages and families to succeed.  

Benefits of Attending a Weekend to Remember


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Arnold & Maria in 1979

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are snapped on August 19, 1979 in New York City.

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