Estella Warren’s drinking has concerned friends for some time


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Estella Warren attends a museum opening Thursday in Century City, Calif. “She needs to straighten herself out,” a friend says. | Frederick M. Brown~Getty Images

Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun Times wrote the article “A ‘wake-up call’ arrest for Estella Warren?,” May 25, 2011 and he noted: 


Friends of Estella Warren say they have been concerned for some time about the actress and former model’s drinking. “Maybe this will be a wake-up call,” said a Warren associate Tuesday — reacting to the “Planet of the Apes” star’s arrest on multiple charges Monday night. 

Warren was being held on $100,000 bond after crashing her Prius into three parked cars, allegedly assaulting a police officer and briefly fleeing a Los Angeles police station while being booked on suspicion of DUI. She was quickly apprehended — and that attempted escape added to her growing list of felony charges. 

The owner of one of the cars told Radar Online that he chased after Warren, and when he caught up with her (after she hit a third vehicle), she began slapping him. 

All this occurred only one block from Warren’s home — so tracking her down (after she initially fled from the scene) “wasn’t exactly a tough thing for the police to figure out,” said my source. 

† Reportedly, Warren has been unhappy with the less-than-stellar path her career has taken in recent years, which has mainly included occasional TV guest spots and a few forgettable film roles. 

Once a synchronized swimming champion, the Canada native turned her early athletic achievements into a successful modeling career — first gaining fame for spreads in Sports Illustrated, Vogue and Maxim, where she was named “Hottest Woman” of 2000. 

“She needs to straighten herself out, get help and focus,” added the friend. “Estella’s always been a little crazy, but this is really a mess. . . . She’s going to have to deal with all kinds of legal problems here.”


Earlier I wrote another post on Warren and you read it at the link : Estella Warren’s DUI, Escape attempt and assault proves abstinence is best policy.”


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