Ronald Wilson Reagan Part 60 Was he an “amiable dunce?”

Ronald Reagan, as the Republican candidate for governor of California in 1966, shakes hands at a shopping center in a Los Angeles suburb for a campaign rally. The former radio announcer and movie actor burst onto the political scene after a rousing television speech for Barry Goldwater on the eve of the 1964 election. Reagan was elected governor of California by a landslide in 1966 and was reelected in 1970

My NCAA tournament bracket is not looking good since I had Louisville winning the national championship and they lost in the first round when Morehead State beat them by 1 with a 3 point shot at the buzzer.

I will be quoting from an article “Five Myths about Ronald Reagan” (Washington Post, Feb 4, 2011) by Edmund Morris.

5. He was an “amiable dunce.”

Yeah, right, Clark Clifford. Ronald Reagan only performed successfully in six different careers: radio sportscaster, movie actor, trade union president, corporate spokesman, two-term governor and two-term president of the United States. Lucky for him he wasn’t hampered by Jimmy Carter’s intelligence!

Edmund Morris was the authorized biographer of Ronald Reagan. In addition to “Dutch,” his life of the 40th president, he has published a trilogy about Theodore Roosevelt.

Doug Mills / Associated Press

No. 23: No. 15 Richmond makes history

East Regional opener, March 14, 1991 — Four No. 15 seeds have won NCAA tournament games, but the Spiders were the first, pulling an improbable 73-69 win against second-seeded Syracuse. Even better, it was the first year CBS had broadcast rights to the opening round, allowing a prime-time audience to watch some history.

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