Lyons: The Bible is not history (Part 4)

The Bible maintains several characteristics that prove it is from God. One of those is the fact that the Bible is accurate in every one of its details. The field of archaeology brings to light this amazing accuracy.(Part 3 of 5 video series on Bible and Archaeology, Taylor Prism)

My friend Perry emailed me and said he really enjoyed the film series on Archaeology and the Bible, so I am putting up another segment of it tonight and I will do another one tomorrow.

Gene Lyons has let be known on many ocasions concerning his distain for biblical fundamentalism. However, I am one of those. John Brummett and Max Brantley have mocked at biblical fundamentalists too. They all believe that the Bible contains historical errors.

John Brummett in his article, “Good luck teaching the Bible in school,” (Arkansas News Bureau, March 13, 2011) asserted: “The value of the Bible in scholarly instruction is as literature, not as history.”

Biblical Cities Attested Archaeologically. In addition to Jericho, places such as Haran, Hazor, Dan, Megiddo, Shechem, Samaria, Shiloh, Gezer, Gibeah, Beth Shemesh, Beth Shean, Beersheba, Lachish, and many other urban sites have been excavated, quite apart from such larger and obvious locations as Jerusalem or Babylon. Such geographical markers are extremely significant in demonstrating that fact, not fantasy, is intended in the Old Testament historical narratives; otherwise, the specificity regarding these urban sites would have been replaced by “Once upon a time” narratives with only hazy geographical parameters, if any.

Israel’s enemies in the Hebrew Bible likewise are not contrived but solidly historical. Among the most dangerous of these were the Philistines, the people after whom Palestine itself would be named. Their earliest depiction is on the Temple of Rameses III at Thebes, c. 1150 BC, as “peoples of the sea” who invaded the Delta area and later the coastal plain of Canaan. The Pentapolis (five cities) they established — namely Ashkelon, Ashdod, Gaza, Gath, and Ekron — have all been excavated, at least in part, and some remain cities to this day. Such precise urban evidence measures favorably when compared with the geographical sites claimed in the holy books of other religious systems, which often have no basis whatever in reality.10


Graphic on the aftermath of Friday’s tsunami on towns along Japan’s northeastern coastline.

Japan quake: live report

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