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Preview of UT and Vandy in SEC East Football Division 2011 (SEC Preview Part 5) jh8

Lane Kiffin and his wife Layla

Lane Kiffin and his wife Layla named their son “Knox.”

I really think that Tennessee has a great running back in Tauren Poole, but I have some questions about a team that has only 25% of their players as upperclassmen (Juniors and Seniors). It seems that next year they may be hitting their stride. Harry King must agree because Tennessee didn’t even get close to anyone’s top 25 this year and Harry ommitted them too in his top 25 list, “Arrows for college teams,” Arkansas News Bureau, August 9, 2011.

Although I have never personally been a Tennessee fan, I was told by my grandfather that a cousin of his was a kicker for the Vols. My grandfather grew up in Franklin, Tennessee with his brothers and sister. They used to get up at 2 am on Saturdays and travel to Knoxville by 1pm for the kickoff. My grandfather attended the University of Tennessee in 1921-23 until his money ran out. My grandfather told me he was relatives with Buck Hatcher who was a star player for the Vols.

Sure enough Buck Hatcher did play for the Vols and he kicked a 53 yard field goal on Nov 13, 1920 to set a record.  Later my grandfather’s brother Mack had the “Mack Hatcher Memorial Highway” named after him. He was a Gideon and often helped those who needed help in his Williamson County. (A Gideon is one who gives out Bibles, below you will find the gospel in tract form). He stood six foot eleven and his sister Sara Lou was six foot four.

Vandy is not going to be good, but they can sneak up on people. In fact, Arkansas does not have a good record against Vandy and they are on our schedule this year. We better watch out. My great Uncle Mack used to say. “There goes Vandy talking about their All American again. Their team stinks so they have to build up one player!!!” That player may be Jordan Matthews who is an excellent receiver.

Here is a preview from rivals:


Returning Starters: 13

Strengths: In his second year as Volunteer coach, Derek Dooley has found a quarterback in sophomore Tyler Bray. If the spring is any guide, the team may now have the depth and experience required in the offensive line. It returns four starters there and should be able to run the ball with more consistency than it did a year ago. The defense has some nice building blocks with four returning starters in the secondary, including hard-hitting free safety Janzen Jackson, and DE Malik Jackson.

Weaknesses: Tennessee is still pitifully thin in the defensive line, where its top interior lineman at spring practice’s end was converted O-lineman Daniel Hood. Bray must prove he can make better decisions on a consistent basis and will have to throw to a new group of starting wideouts, although Justin Hunter and Da’Rick Rogers have considerable promise. Overall, the Vols still lack the required depth to be more than a spoiler in the East Division, but are building a nice foundation.


Returning Starters: 19, kicker, punter

Strengths: No team in the SEC returns more starters than the Commodores, who if they can stay healthy for the first time in three years will threaten deeper, more athletic teams. Any SEC program would love to have the likes of RB Warren Norman, MLB Chris Marve and CB Casey Hayward on their two-deep. New coach James Franklin and his staff helped QB Larry Smith become more accurate during spring practice. Franklin recruited the school’s best class in years, even stealing four-star QB Lafonte Thourogood away from Frank Beamer’sVirginia Tech.

Weaknesses: As always, Vanderbilt doesn’t appear to have the kind of depth required to compete and win in the SEC. Its offensive line does return all five starters, but still looks like it could get pushed around by better defenses. Will the Commodores’ front seven be able to hold up against the rigorous SEC schedule? And can they play a more disciplined brand of football than they have the last two years, when they have seemed to save killing mistakes for the most critical moments?


I mentioned above that my great Uncle Mack was a Gideon. He used to go to local churches and encourage people to join the Gideons. He passed out Bibles his whole adult life. He was not a wealthy man, but at his funeral many people stood up and told about him paying their doctor bills and bringing them food. What made him tick? It was the Christ of the Bible. Below is a simple presentation of the gospel.
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