Frank Turek answers Eddie Tabash’s question: “My mother was a survivor of the holocaust. She lived a terrible life. And she was offered the gospel and she rejected it. Is she in Hell right now?”


I touched on this same subject with a signer of Humanist Manifesto 1, 2, and 3 and I posted that earlier. 

Frank Turek vs David Silverman – The Reality Debate

Moderator: If God is all-powerful why does he not remove evil, if he is not all-powerful why call him God?

Mr. Turek: He is all-powerful and he hasn’t removed evil yet, but he will. Actually he won’t remove it, he’ll quarantine it. That’s exactly what Hell is. In Hell you’ll have free will. You know I get the question all the time “Will God send me to Hell because I don’t believe in Jesus?” The answer is “No, you don’t go to Hell because you don’t believe in Jesus, you go to Hell because you’ve sinned.” It would be like saying you died because you didn’t go to the doctor. No, you didn’t die because you didn’t go to the doctor. You died because you had a disease. Now if you had gone to the doctor perhaps you could have prevented death, just like if you go to the Great Physician you can prevent eternal death. And so the point here is is that people go to Hell because they’ve chosen to sin and they have not chosen the pardon. But God will not force you into Heaven against your will. If you don’t want God now you will not want him in eternity. So people who go to Hell, which is separation from God, go there justly. If God exists and if there is an afterlife, there are only two possibly places. You’re either going to be with God or without God in the afterlife. In fact, I… just give me two minutes here because this happened in a debate I had with Eddie Tabash–who by the way is a good guy objectively.

Mr. Silverman: I’ll tell him you said that.

Mr. Turek: He said this to me, during our debate. He said “My mother was a survivor of the holocaust. She lived a terrible life. And she was offered the gospel and she rejected it. Is she in Hell right now?” Whoa. I said, “Eddie, I don’t know where your mother is now. I don’t know if she had a death bed conversion, but if she didn’t accept Christ then God is too loving to force her into his presence against her will.” And this is the question I asked the audience that night: Ladies, have you ever had a man pursue you who you didn’t want to date? Ladies, have you ever had that happen? Some of you are going “yeah and he’s sitting right next to me right now. He won’t leave me alone!” Well suppose he continues to pursue, continues to pursue, and you finally get to the point where you say, “I like you, but only as a friend.” Every man has heard this. Ladies why don’t you just stick the knife in and turn it. Well, suppose he continues to pursue, continues to pursue, and he finally says, “Look, I’m going to force you to love me.” Can he do that? No, love by definition must be freely given. If he truly loved you, what would he do? He would leave you alone. And that’s exactly…

Mr. Silverman: Well if God really loves you he’ll send you to Hell because you don’t believe the right way, you don’t think the right way.

Mr. Turek: Let me just finish the thought. That’s what God does. He sends us “cards,” “letters,” and “flowers”–he sends some kind of crazy Christian from New Jersey to talk to you and he says…

Mr. Silverman: Why doesn’t God remove evil from society was the question?

Mr. Turek: Hold on, I’m not quite done yet.

Moderator: He [Mr. Turek] said he [God] will [remove evil from society].

Mr. Silverman: He will?

Mr. Turek: Yes he will.

Moderator: Eventually he will, that’s what he said.

Mr. Silverman: Eventually?

Mr. Turek: Yes.

Mr. Silverman: That’s your answer?

Mr. Turek: Yes, of course.

Mr. Silverman: It will happen sooner or later. Why is he waiting?

Mr. Turek: Because he is redeeming people as we go.

Mr. Silverman: Why does he need to do that?

Mr. Turek: Because there are people out there that need to be redeemed, including you. He’s waiting, he’s patient.


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