A GOOD FIRST STEP:Like Solomon in Ecclesiastes the person on Twitter using the name “God Free World” embraces NIHILISM without God in the picture!

I have written on the Book of Ecclesiastes and the subject of the meaning of our lives on several occasions on this blog. In this post on Ecclesiastes I hope to show how secular humanist man can not hope to find a lasting meaning to his life in a closed system without bringing God back into the picture. This is the same exact case with Solomon in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Three thousand years ago, Solomon took a look at life “under the sun” in his book of Ecclesiastes. Christian scholar Ravi Zacharias has noted, “The key to understanding the Book of Ecclesiastes is the term ‘under the sun.’ What that literally means is you lock God out of a closed system, and you are left with only this world of time plus chance plus matter.”

Conrad Yap noted:

Stephen Miller calls the Book of Ecclesiastes as a tussle of “Smartest Man vs Toughest Question.” We may not be the smartest man on earth, but we can all participate in the search for answers to life’s toughest questions. May we have a meaningful ride as we join in the search through Ecclesiastes.

If Solomon was the “Smartest Man” in the world and the problem of finding meaning of life without God in the picture is the “Toughest Question” in the world then why not present this same question to the person who goes by “god Free World” on twitter and see what happens.  Below are my exchanges with him and at the end I will add one more thought on this.

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