After an eventful draw for the 2014 World Cup, the groups are set.

The Americans, who enter this tournament with arguably their strongest team ever, were certainly part of the excitement.

It will not be an easy path to the knockout stage for the USMNT.

Will the Americans advance to the knockout stage?

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The Americans have climbed to No. 14 in the FIFA rankings, but that is only good enough to have them as the third-highest ranked team in Group H.

No. 2 Germany heads up the group. They are followed by Cristiano Ronaldo and his fifth-ranked Portugal side.

At No. 24, Ghana is the only team in the group that is ranked lower than the Americans. Still, that is the same Ghana side that has defeated the Americans in the past two World Cups.

As if the fierce competition wasn’t enough, the Americans will also have to attempt to overcome this fact:

Of course, Group G isn’t the only group worthy of being considered the “Group of Death.” Group B is among those that will also be a fierce battle. Defending champion and current world No. 1 Spain sits at the top. With No. 9 and defending runners-up Netherlands, No. 15 Chile and No. 59 Australia, this group is going to be a fun one to track.

Daniel Sastre Huertas/Getty Images

On the whole, the draw sets up for a fantastic tournament.

Looking past the group stage, the potential is there for compelling knockout games. No. 10 Brazil, No. 4 Colombia, No. 8 Switzerland, and No. 2 Germany head up the groups on one side and No. 1 Spain, No. 6 Uruguay, No. 3 Argentina, and No. 11 Belgium head up the groups on the other side.


Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report
Group A
Team Confederation FIFA Ranking
Brazil CONMEBOL/Hosts 10
Croatia UEFA 16
Mexico CONCACAF 20
Cameroon CAF 51
Group B
Team Confederation FIFA Ranking
Spain UEFA 1
Netherlands UEFA 9
Australia AFC 59
Group C
Team Confederation FIFA Ranking
Colombia CONMEBOL 4
Greece UEFA 12
Ivory Coast CAF 17
Japan AFC 48
Group D
Team Confederation FIFA Ranking
Uruguay CONMEBOL 6
Costa Rica CONCACAF 31
England UEFA 13
Italy UEFA 7
Group E
Team Confederation FIFA Ranking
Switzerland UEFA 8
Ecuador CONMEBOL 23
France UEFA 19
Honduras CONCACAF 41
Group F
Team Confederation FIFA Ranking
Argentina CONMEBOL 3
Bosnia-Herzegovina UEFA 21
Iran AFC 45
Nigeria CAF 36
Group G
Team Confederation FIFA Ranking
Germany UEFA 2
Portugal UEFA 5
Ghana CAF 24
United States CONCACAF 14
Group H
Team Confederation FIFA Ranking
Belgium UEFA 11
Algeria CAF 26
Russia UEFA 22
South Korea AFC 54


All that is left now is to wait until June for the action to start. …Is it June yet?