Congressman Bob Goodlatte sees the importance of the Balanced Budget Amendment

We need to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment!!!! It is obvious to me that if President Obama gets his hands on more money then he will continue to spend away our children’s future. He has already taken the national debt from 11 trillion to 16 trillion in just 4 years. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over and over I have written Speaker Boehner and the Congressmen (Griffin, Womack, Crawford) in Arkansas concerning this. I am hoping they will stand up against this reckless spending that our federal government has done and will continue to do if given the chance.

I have written and emailed Senator Pryor over, and over again with spending cut suggestions but he has ignored all of these good ideas in favor of keeping the printing presses going as we plunge our future generations further in debt. I am convinced if he does not change his liberal voting record that he will no longer be our senator in 2014.

I have written hundreds of letters and emails to President Obama and I must say that I have been impressed that he has had the White House staff answer so many of my letters. However, his policies have not changed. He is committed to cutting nothing from the budget that I can tell. 

We need to pass the Balanced Budget Amendment soon. I am glad that at least some people see the importance of that.


Roanoke Congressman Bob Goodlatte hopes things will be different this time, for his balanced budget amendment bill.

The new Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee introduced the bills on Thursday, with the start of the 113th Congress.  Rep. Goodlatte (R-6th) had introduced the bills in the prior three Congresses, but they have not been adopted.

“When I introduced these bills two years ago, the national debt had topped an unprecedented $14 trillion,” wrote Rep. Goodlatte in a news release.  “Today, the national debt has soared well past a staggering $16 trillion.  This rapid increase in debt and four consecutive trillion dollar plus budget deficits are clear signs that Washington has a serious spending problem.”

Goodlatte’s bill would:

  • Require Congress to not spend more money than the country takes in
  • Require the President to submit a balanced budget to Congress
  • Require a 3/5th majority vote to increase the federal debt limit

The bill provides exceptions in times of national emergencies.

Goodlatte noted that 49 of the 50 U.S. states, including Virginia, have a balanced budget requirement.

5th District Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Chatham) signed on as a co-sponsor of Rep. Goodlatte’s bill.

“For far too long, members of both parties have chosen the politically expedient course over what is in the best interest of our nation – casting aside meaningful proposals for deficit reduction and carrying our nation further along on a careless spending binge.  As a result, we have witnessed the devastating consequences for the people of Virginia’s 5th District and those all across our country as unemployment levels have remained unacceptably high and the debt continues to grow. At a time when we are borrowing 45 cents on the dollar and rapidly adding to a more than $16 trillion debt, there is no greater duty to those we represent than to get serious about fixing this spending-driven debt crisis,” Rep. Hurt wrote in a news release.

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