We got to cut spending and stop raising the debt ceiling!!!


We got to cut spending and stop raising the debt ceiling!!!

When Governments Cut Spending

Uploaded on Sep 28, 2011

Do governments ever cut spending? According to Dr. Stephen Davies, there are historical examples of government spending cuts in Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and America. In these cases, despite popular belief, the government spending cuts did not cause economic stagnation. In fact, the spending cuts often accelerated economic growth by freeing up resources for the private sector.


I just don’t understand why we have to run our private budgets on a balanced basis but the federal government does not!!!

As part of the silly budget debate in Washington, President Obama is claiming that an increase in the debt limit wouldn’t authorize higher spending.

That’s technically true, but it sure would enable higher spending.

This Chuck Asay cartoon offers an amusing perspective on the battle.

Asay Debt Limit Bills Cartoon

In the interest of accuracy, however, it should show President Bush having already gone through the checkout line with an equally big cart full of handouts.

After all, government spending imposes a heavy cost on the economy regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats are the ones in charge of policy.

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