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Would you like to know the spirtual meaning of these words above by Coldplay or find a christian response to the song “The Last Resort” by Papa Roach? You could if you checked out “Music Monday” here every week and see all the videos and articles. Take a look at the links before that refer to these songs:


“Music Monday” The Monkees (Part 3)

BradyBunchClip 05 – Marcia meets Davy Jones   Uploaded by BradyBunchClips on May 12, 2009 After multiple attempts, Marcia gets to meet Davy Jones! ___________________ From Wikipedia: Davy Jones Jones performing in Geneva, Illinois, in 2006 Born David Thomas Jones 30 December 1945(1945-12-30) Openshaw, Manchester, England Died February 29, 2012(2012-02-29) (aged 66) Indiantown, Florida, United States […]

Otis Redding and Memphis “Music Monday”

(Sittin On) The Dock Of The Bay Uploaded by taylorgdaniel on Jun 9, 2010 Downtown Memphis, July 9, 2010, solo by Taylor G. Daniel of Germantown. This song was actually sung just a few miles away from where Redding originally recorded it in downtown Memphis at Stax Records. ______________________ Over the years Otis Redding’s influence […]


A Christian response to Papa Roach’s song “The Last Resort” (Part 2)

Papa Roach – Last Resort (Censored Version) This series of posts concerns the song “The Last Resort.” Amy Winehouse died today and it was a tragic loss. That really troubled me that she did not seek spiritual help instead of turning to drugs and alcohol. This post today will give hope to those we feel like […]

“Music Monday” Countdown of Coldplay’s best albums (part 2)

I think that Viva La Vida is their 4th best CD. It is balanced better than all of their albums. This CD had many songs that were very similar. Although this album has their only number one hit in the US, Viva La Vida. I loved “VIVA LA VIDA” “VIOLET HILL” “LIFE IN TECHNICOLOR” “YES” […]

“Music Monday”:Coldplay’s best songs of all time (Part 18)

  This is “Music Monday” and I always look at a band with some of their best music. I am currently looking at Coldplay’s best songs. Here are a few followed by another person’s preference: My son Hunter Hatcher’s 3rd favorite Coldplay song is ”Every Tear Drop is a WaterFall” Hunter noted, “Recent favorite of mine. I […]

Insight into what Coldplay meant by “St. Peter won’t call my name” (Series on Coldplay’s spiritual search, Part 3)jh61

Coldplay seeks to corner the market on earnest and expressive rock music that currently appeals to wide audiences Here is an article I wrote a couple of years ago about Chris Martin’s view of hell. He says he does not believe in it but for some reason he writes a song that teaches that it […]


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