The question that pro-abortionists will never answer!!!

Billy Graham with Dr. C. Everett Koop.

Watch the film below starting at the 19 minute mark and that will lead into a powerful question from Dr. C. Everett Koop. This film is WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE HUMAN RACE? by Francis Schaeffer and Dr. C. Everett Koop.

Medical science has developed so much in the last few decades that we now know that the unborn baby feels pain.  Nevertheless, our selfish society continues to support the availability of abortion (according to Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times Blog).

There is a question that I have asked pro-abortionist over and over and I have never got a straight answer. It comes from the first episode of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE HUMAN RACE. Dr. C. Everett Koop put forth the question:

My question to the pro-abortionist who would not directly kill a newborn baby the minute it is born is this, “Would you have killed it a minute before that or a minute before that or a minute before that or a minute before that?” You can see what I am getting at. At what minute does an unborn baby cease to be worthless and become a person entitled to the right to life and legal protection?


I asked this question on the Arkansas Times Blog on January 16, 2013 and got these all of these non-answers:

Sound Policy tried to change the subject with his response:

“One thing pro choice people can’t answer and that is when is an unborn baby human?

Neither can anti-choice folks, Saline/Ev. You see, my religion teaches me that every one of a woman’s unfertilized eggs is human, so if you anti-choice folks have not brought into the world a newborn at least every 9 months or so, you have murdered one or more humans (unfertilized eggs neither conceived nor birthed). Do you accept my definition of when an unborn baby is human which is just as arbitrary as your definition?


SalineRetarded responded:

Saline: An unborn “baby” ceases to be an unborn “baby” the second it’s born. You’re welcome.


ChildeRolandReturneth angerily posted:

Damn, Saline, you’re perfectly willing to see them shot down at their desks when they’re six years old.

Anyway, if you were really serious about reducing abortions by relying on the facts, you’d be for universal health care — unless you are arguing that our world-leading abortion rate is because our mothers are the most evil mothers in the world. Implementing single-payer health care would immediately save the lives of unborn children.


My constant opponent, Elwood, (who I do respect for his honest liberal opinions), observed:

“Would you have killed it a minute before that or a minute before that or a minute before that or a minute before that?” You can see what I am getting at.<

Yes, that’s called logical extension. It will invariably lead to the egg and sperm.
How many lives have you destroyed in a kleenex?


Hardheadedwoman lashed out:

Oh, give it a rest, Saline. Roe v Wade has been the law of the land since 1973. Your republicans have had countless opportunities to overturn the law in that time and yet they haven’t done so. Why? Well, first, it would dry up all the money they raise railing against it. But the real reason is that republicans use abortion services, too. Yes, it’s true! Sure can’t have some pregnant mistress or knocked up 15-year-old daughter damaging the reputation of some god-fearing christian republican, now can we?
And the simple truth is, a woman’s choice in this matter is none of your @#$%$#@  business.


As you can see all of these are non-answers. THEY ALL ARE AVOIDING THE DIRECT QUESTION. I wish people would look at this  logically. If there is doubt when an unborn baby is alive then we should err on the side of caution.

Ronald Reagan rightly noted,What, then, is the real issue? I have often said that when we talk about abortion, we are talking about two lives — the life of the mother and the life of the unborn child. Why else do we call a pregnant woman a mother? I have also said that anyone who doesn’t feel sure whether we are talking about a second human life should clearly give life the benefit of the doubt. If you don’t know whether a body is alive or dead, you would never bury it. I think this consideration itself should be enough for all of us to insist on protecting the unborn.”

We are truly a selfish society. Mother Teresa observed, “If we can accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people to not kill each other? Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want.”

(There are several articles out saying that a majority of people in the USA support the availibility of abortion. The ironic thing about the article from Rueters by Mary Wisniewski released on 1-17-13 is that it features a picture of NARAL workers. Dr. Bernard Nathanson was a founding member of NARAL and a director of NARAL. Yet he left the pro-abortion movement and joined the pro-life movement after the advancements in medical science proved to him that the unborn babies felt pain.)

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