At least the Tea Party stood up for the founding fathers’ idea of limited government

At least the Tea Party stood up for the founding fathers’ idea of limited government. They did not vote for the “fiscal cliff deal” which only cut 15 billion when it raised taxes by 600 billion. They wanted spending cut and I mean real cuts in spending too.

When Governments Cut Spending

Uploaded on Sep 28, 2011

Do governments ever cut spending? According to Dr. Stephen Davies, there are historical examples of government spending cuts in Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and America. In these cases, despite popular belief, the government spending cuts did not cause economic stagnation. In fact, the spending cuts often accelerated economic growth by freeing up resources for the private sector.

Chuck Asay has produced some great political cartoons, including personal favorites such as the Geithner-Obama tractor, the big-bad-wolf economic climate, and (his all-time best, in my humble opinion) the nothing-left-to-steal warning for statists.

Here’s one that’s quite appropriate for today since the politicians are busy negotiating over how to raise taxes while failing to address the real problem of a federal government that is too big and spending too much.

What makes this cartoon so perceptive is that it shows how many – if not most – Republicans are just as willing and happy as Democrats to exacerbate our fiscal problems.

Asay Kick the Can Cartoon

The only bad news is that the cartoon implies the Tea Party has the ability to stop Obama and the other big spenders from kicking the can down the road.

If only. We’re going to get a tax increase in January and there’s nothing the Tea Party can do to stop that from happening. They can’t force Obama, the Senate, or even the GOP leadership in the House to implement pro-growth spending reforms such as a Swiss-style spending cap.

But at least there are some lawmakers who are fighting to do what’s right. I don’t know if they’ll ever succeed, but at least some folks in Washington understand that something needs to happen to restrain the burden of government spending.

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