“Music Monday” Video interviews of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin (Part 2)

As far as I know they have never done an interview together. Therefore, I have included separate interviews that they have done below and I have some links to past posts I have done on them too.

Gwyneth Paltrow & Robert Downey Jr. on Jonathan Ross 2010.04.23 (Part 1)

Coldplay: Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland talk about Mylo Xyloto

Published on Oct 18, 2011 by

Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland from Coldplay talk about Mylo Xyloto, their 5th studio album. Questions in English below.

The interview was conducted by Kirsten Lemaire for Belgian television channel Canvas, and it took place in The Bakery, Coldplay’s very own studio. On the day of the interview they were still working on Xylo Myloto, in that same studio.

0:22 What was the very first plan for this 5th record?

2:25 We were at The Bakery, Coldplay’s main studio. But they also have another studio, The Beehive, just across the street. I wondered if they recorded everything in those two studios.

3:21 I did hear 6 new tracks from Xylo Myloto in advance. Some songs were about love, some songs were about addiction. But I also read that another theme was obsessive-compulsive behaviour. So I asked Chris Martin: is that true?

5:26 The current Coldplay single is Paradise, which definitely has some R’n’B influences. Hence my next question: did they listen to a lot of R’n’B during the making of the new record?

6:40 Last summer, Coldplay premiered some new songs on really big festivals like Rock Werchter. How nervous are they when they’re roadtesting unreleased music in front of 60.000 people or more?

8:37 The interview took place on the day they were actually finishing Mylo Xyloto. Last day in the studio. Must be quite thrilling, because fans have extremely high expectations. But how do the band members feel at such a moment?

10:41 Coldplay is a great live band. But at a certain moment, you have to introduce the new songs to your audience. Do they make more mistakes on stage when they try out new songs?

Chris Martin of Coldplay unknowingly lives out his childhood Christian beliefs (Part 5 of notes from June 23, 2012 Dallas Coldplay Concert)

Coldplay “paradise” Dallas Texas 6/22/12 ( Floor View ) Published on Jun 23, 2012 by ccam cher Awesome concert Coldplay brought confetti, lights and thousands of fans to the American Airlines Center; see photos from their colorful show Photo Gallery News Sports Lifestyles   Comments (0)   9/11 Chris Martin was brought up as an […]


“Music Monday” Countdown of Coldplay’s best albums (part 1)

I like this CD a lot mainly because of it rhythm and how it is the most relaxing of Coldplay’s albums. “YELLOW” “SHIVER” “DON’T PANIC” “TROUBLE” “SPARKS” are all great songs. I would have to say that Parachutes was a good song but it was too short. Altogether I would give this album a 9/10! However, this […]

Tom Brady , Coldplay, Kansas, Solomon and the search for satisfaction (part 3)

Tom Brady “More than this…” Uploaded by EdenWorshipCenter on Jan 22, 2008 EWC sermon illustration showing a clip from the 2005 Tom Brady 60 minutes interview. _______________________ Tom Brady ESPN Interview Tom Brady has famous wife earned over 76 million dollars last year. However, has Brady found lasting satifaction in his life? It does not […]


Coldplay in Madrid concert October 26, 2011

From today. I wonder if Coldplay will continue to be on a spiritual search. Part one of Madrid Concert Look at their latest song and the lyrics: They got one eye on what you knew And one eye on what you do So be careful who it is you’re talking to They got one eye […]

Coldplay gave NPR interview on Oct 22, 2011

Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Published on Jun 28, 2011 by ColdplayVEVO The new single, taken from Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall EP (featuring two more new tracks). Download it fromhttp://cldp.ly/itunescp Music video by Coldplay performing Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. (P) 2011 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd […]

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