Most significant football games of all time

The fifty most significant games of all-time? That is what the article said. I don’t have time to go through all of them but I have listed a few from that list below.

Here are some games listed below:

October 7, 1916

Yes, there is a most lopsided victory in college football and it belongs to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. 

This record is arguably more unbreakable than anything out there although I personally am not impressed with this particular statistic as some other may be.

Still, Georgia Tech walloped Cumberland College (who did not field an official team that year) by a final score of 222-0 on October 7, 1916.


November 20, 1986 vs. Arkansas

Craig James and Eric Dickerson were known as the “Pony Express” and they were as dynamic as any backfield duo in the history of college football.

However, since SMU’s football program was given the “death penalty” for numerous NCAA violations, the program has not been the same.

The entire 1987 season was cancelled for SMU and they also were banned for two seasons from the postseason. As far as how their final game went against Arkansas, the Razorbacks thumped them 41-0.


Vincent Laforet/Getty Images

January 4, 1999

The 1999 Fiesta Bowl was the first ever BCS National Championship game and it featured the two top ranked teams in the country between Tennessee and Florida State (amazing how college football is the only true sport that guarantees you the two best).

The Seminoles have had their fair share of disappointments and struggles in the BCS (1-5), and they lost to the Vols 23-16.

Tennessee’s Tee Martin and Peerless Price stole the show and the victory for Tennessee was their sixth national championship.

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