Is Gruden going to coach for Vols or Hogs?

Super Bowl winner Jon Gruden has been out of coaching since the Bucs fired him following the 2008 season. (Getty Images)

There is talk that Jon Gruden is now assembling a staff and will return to coaching soon. John Adams in Knoxville has written:

Some fans apparently believe the pursuit already has succeeded, and that Jon Gruden has agreed to become the next coach once a few trivial details are worked out. I applaud the possibility in that Gruden would give UT a Super Bowl-winning coach as well as a national celebrity — not a bad combination for a football program whose relevance is receding by the game.

Arkansas fans have been throwing Gruden’s name around a long time too. Just this morning I heard on 103.7 the buzz Tommy Smith talking with several of his guests in the studio about a lunch Jerry Jones had in Dallas concerning a 6.1 million year package for Gruden to take over the Arkansas job and Jerry would pay half of the salary.

We will have to wait and see. I think it would be much more likely for Gruden to end up in the NFL or at least at Tennessee where his wife is from. 

Can Gruden come into the college game and dominate? Maybe not. Barrett Sallee who writes for Bleecher Report noted:

There is always a concern whether or not coaches that have spent the majority of their careers in the NFL can properly make the adjustment to college. Some have done so successfully, and others haven’t. That’s where some of the “cons” come in.

The question isn’t whether NFL coaches can successfully make the switch, it’s whether Jon Gruden specifically can.

Hi-res-83372874_crop_exact Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

What is there to suggest that Gruden would be an effective college head coach?


The last time he coached in college was 21 years ago when he was the wide receivers coach for the University of Pittsburgh, and his only experience in the SEC was in 1986-87 when he was a graduate assistant with Tennessee.


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