Mark Pryor responds to me concerning Debt Ceiling email (Part 1)

The problem with the debt ceiling is very clear to me. We need to get serious about cutting federal spending. I am so upset about it that I have emailed over 100 emails to Senator Pryor concerning specific spending suggestions.

I get emails from back from Senator Pryor like the one below. This means that he is attempting to let people like me think is he actually taking time to listen to our suggestions. However, when it comes to the budget the majority of Arkansans HAVE MADE IT CLEAR BY THEIR RECENT CONSERVATIVE VOTES THAT THEY ARE WILLING TO VOTE FOR THE TEA PARTY TYPE CANDIDATES!

Now it is time to vote for a “Cap, Cut and Balance” approach but Mark Pryor is not willing to take that step. It appears to me that Senator Pryor does not hear well what the people are saying. It reminds me of the video below:

July 29, 2011 

Dear Mr. Hatcher, 

Thank you for contacting me regarding proposals to reduce our national debt. I appreciate hearing from you.  

I have heard from thousands of Arkansans regarding the national debt and the negative consequences that carrying such a large financial burden can have on the country. Arkansans believe the Congress should put our fiscal house back in order. I agree.  

As a nation, we have been living beyond our means for a long time. Balancing the budget will require Congress and the President to work together to achieve this goal. While this task will not be easy, I believe we can create a long-term budget plan that significantly reduces the debt while maintaining adequate funding for our nation’s priorities. 

I recently made a speech on the Senate floor describing the importance of addressing the national debt, which can be viewed at Additionally, I have recorded responses to Arkansans’ letters regarding the national debt and the debt limit on my website at  

Please know I will keep your thoughts in mind as I work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to come up with better fiscal solutions for the American people. In the coming weeks, I will contact you again to share with you the outcome of our efforts. I value your input, and encourage you to continue to contact my office.

Mark Pryor
United States Senate

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