10 most hated men in SEC football

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Nutt makes the top 10 for one of the few times in his SEC Coaching Career

10 Most Hated Men in the SEC

There is no doubt that the college football conference with the most emotion is the SEC.  One of those emotions is hate and this is the list of the 10 most hated people in the SEC.

10. Houston Nutt Head Coach Ole Miss– It’s hard to believe that the longest continuous coach in the SEC is Houston Nutt.  Nutt has been in the SEC as head coach of Arkansas and Ole Miss since 1998.  While he’s great for a sound bite and even better for a humorous photo, Nutt is thought of by most to be the sleaziest coach in the SEC.

This is a man that has a rule unofficially named after him due to his practice of oversigning recruits(he signed 37 recruits 3 years ago).  Nutt also is the man who gave Jeremiah Masoli a chance to be the QB at Ole Miss last year when few other major schools would touch the troubled QB.  Nutt might be the most hated man in Arkansas Football History.  Nutt left the football team in the late 70s as a player, lied to OC Gus Malzahn, led an attack against Mitch Mustain, and left the Hogs to coach a rival team.  Houston also hasn’t helped himself inside the SEC with his crazy post game celebrations that have included such classy moments like destroying the hedges in Auburn’s endzone so he could sing the Arkansas Fight Song.

9. Bobby Lowder Auburn University trustee–  Lowder has been a member of the Auburn Board of Trustees since 1983.  During his tenure he has become one of the most powerful men behind the scenes in the SEC.

Many credit Lowder to be responsible for every Auburn coaching hire since Pat Dye was hired nearly 25 years ago.  In 2003 when Auburn AD David Housel and University President William Walker Jr. privately met with Louisville coach Bobby Petrino, it was Lowder’s jet that was used for transportation.  On May 16, 2011 Lower asked Governor Robert Bentley to remove his name for reappointment on the Auburn Board of Trustees.

8. Lane Kiffin head coach Southern California– 2 years ago Kiffin might be number one on this list, but as time has passed so has the hate of Kiffin.  Still, fans don’t forget.

Tennessee fans won’t forget the way he left the team in the middle of the night, causing small riots around the UT campus.  Kiffin left Tennessee with a NCAA investigation that is still on going today.  Kiffin also angered fans at South Carolina telling recruits that if they go to South Carolina they will just be “gas pumpers”.  Kiffin also got into a bickering match with Gamecock coach Steve Spurrier over his NCAA recruiting test he had to take to become UT head coach.  Kiffin even angered Gator fans by accusing head coach Urban Meyer of committing a recruiting violation, when in reality it wasn’t a violation.

The daddy’s boy who ran his mouth too much, ran out of the SEC before he truly got what was coming to him.

7. LSU Fans– Personally, I have always had a good time in Baton Rouge.  I love being offered Cajun Food at a tailgate.  Unfortunately most in the SEC don’t see the Tiger fans this way.

LSU has the reputation of being the rowdiest and most rude fans in the SEC.  Accounts of bottles of urine being thrown at opposing fans aren’t uncommon.  The fans certainly do know how to have a good time.  A night at Tiger Stadium is basically Mardi Gras in a football stadium, anything goes.

A LSU fan once summed it up best for a friend of mine by saying in a thick accent “Before and after the game you and I are friends, during the game “F” you”.

6. Steve Spurrier Head Coach South Carolina- Since taking the job at South Carolina, Steve Spurrier has admitted that coaching in the NFL humbled him a bit.  He’s no longer the cocky college football coach that poked fun at teams he whipped in the 90s.

When his Florida teams were on the top of the college football world Spurrier found ways to not only beat up opponents on the field, but also off.   It could’ve been a jab at Ray Goff or making fun of Auburn’s Library being full of coloring books, but Spurrier always found a way to rub SEC fans the wrong way.  Most fans still haven’t forgotten the younger Spurrier, and while the media loves him for sound bites, he’s still one of the most hated men in the SEC.

5. Jim Delany Commissioner of the Big 10 Conference– The SEC and Big 10 have had a conference rivalry going on for many years now.  The leader of the Big 10 is Jim Delany.

Delany seems to find every excuse in the book as to why his conference can’t compete with the SEC in football.  He blames it on SEC schools oversigning, he believes the academics of the SEC are lower tier, and he thinks of the SEC as a corrupt conference.  Delany chooses to ignore the changing demographics in the United States and ignores how the game of College Football has started to showcase Southern Speed over Big 10 brute.  He also seems so worried about the SEC’s ethics that Ohio State’s scandal slipped right under his nose.

4. Charles Robinson Yahoo Sports Writer–  If Charles Robinson is talking about your school then you might as well prepare for a bowl ban and a loss of scholarships.  Robinson has become the leading investigative reporter in the NCAA over the last few years.  You have to respect the man’s ability to find a story, but fans hate it when he publishes a story about their school.

3. Harvery Updyke Jr. “Al from Dadeville”- On Jan 27, 2011 a man going by the name Al called into the Paul Finebaum show claiming to have poisoned the 130 year old Oak Trees at Toomer’s Corner on the Campus of Auburn University.  After the call was traced and lethal injections of Spike 80DF were found at the site of the trees, police arrested Harvey Updyke of Dadeville, Alabama.  Updyke said he did this as revenge for Auburn fans rolling Toomer’s Corner after Bear Bryant’s Death in 1983 and for a Cam Newton jersey being draped on The Bear’s statue outside of Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa.  Updyke’s actions were condemned by both the president of Auburn and Alabama.

2. Cam Newton QB Carolina Panthers– Newton might be the most hated athlete ever to step foot on a SEC football field.

Newton originally played for the Florida Gators as Tim Tebow’s backup, but decided to transfer because he was suspended for stealing a laptop computer.  It was also reported by Fox Sports that Newton was facing expulsion due to academic cheating.

After spending a year in JUCO, Newton came to the SEC and shocked everyone by winning the Heisman Trophy and leading Auburn to the National Championship.  For most of the second part of the 2010 season Newton’s elgibility was under review by the media and NCAA.  Newton’s father was accused by Kenny Rogers, a former Mississippi State player, of asking for $100,000-$180,000 for this son to play for the Bulldogs.

It was later proven that Cecil Newton did indeed ask MSU to pay this amount for his son.  The NCAA has yet to be able to prove if Cam Newton knew about the situation and if Auburn ever gave Newton any money to play for the Tigers.

1. Paul Finebaum columnist and radio host- The leading media voice in the South is no doubt Paul Finebaum.  When he speaks, everyone tends to listen even if they don’t like what he has to say.

There really isn’t a fanbase in the SEC that Finebaum hasn’t angered at one point or another.  One reason Bama fans tend to hate him is because in 1993 Finebaum broke a story about Antonio Langham signing a contract with a sports agent while playing for Alabama(1 year after their 92 National Championship).  Finebaum has also reported on rumors that Steve Spurrier would coach at Alabama after Shula was fired and that Urban Meyer would take the Notre Dame job.   He’s said such things to anger Razorback fans, like saying Arkansas being in the SEC doesn’t benefit the SEC.

Listening to Finebaum’s syndicated radio show is like listening to Jerry Springer at times.  He’s certainly found a niche that works because his show now can be heard nationwide on Sirius/XM. Paul does give fantastic interviews and has some great guests, but thanks to him callers like Tammy are now national celebs.

Matt Barber

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