Top football stadiums in the country (Part 14)

I have been to several Texas A&M football games over the years starting back in 1976 in the Liberty Bowl against USC. I am glad they are back in the SEC and will be the Hogs’ conference opponent in the future.

Here is a list of the top football stadiums in the country.

Power Ranking All 124 College Football Stadiums

By Alex Callos

(Featured Columnist) on April 19, 2012

When it comes to college football stadiums, for some teams, it is simply not fair. Home-field advantage is a big thing in college football, and some teams have it way more than others.

There are 124 FBS college football teams, and when it comes to the stadiums they play in, they are obviously not all created equal.

There is a monumental difference from the top teams on the list to the bottom teams on the list. Either way, here it is: a complete ranking of the college football stadiums 1-124.


24. Boise Stadium: Boise State Broncos

Also known as Bronco Stadium, the blue turf otherwise known as “Smurf Turf” is not why this stadium is so high on the list.

This facility was built in 1970 and only seats 32,000, but these screaming fans create an atmosphere that is one of the best in the country.

Even though the stands are a little farther back from the field than many other facilities, the crowd can still be heard, and what is better than a Bronco riding around the stadium?

23. Memorial Stadium: Indiana Hoosiers


Memorial Stadium is another of the amazing stadiums the Big Ten has to offer.

It is smaller than many of the others, with a seating capacity of only 49,225, and is now over 50 years old, having been built in 1960.

Bloomington, Indiana is a beautiful college campus, and this stadium is one of the best in the Big Ten. It’s known as “The Rock” because of the large rock standing by itself on the newly renovated north end zone.

Even though the stadium does not always fill up, those who do come will not be disappointed, as the fans here are loud and proud Hoosiers.

22. Autzen Stadium: Oregon Ducks


Oregon is quickly developing into a national college football power, and they have a nice stadium to enjoy that success in.

Built in 1967 with a capacity of 54,000, this stadium is small compared to a lot of other big-name programs, but can get close to 60,000 with standing room.

The stadium is beautiful and bowl-shaped with seating that is mostly benches. The crowd here can get loud, especially during close games.

One of the loudest stadiums in the country.

21. Bright House Networks Stadium: Central Florida Knights


Bright House Networks Stadium is new, having just opened in 2007, and is perhaps the best stadium outside of a BCS Conference.

Central Florida will be joining the Big East within a few years, and they have the facilities to do just that.

They will in all likelihood have the best stadium in the conference when they do. The stadium seats 45,301, and it has just about everything.

The fanbase here is growing, and they know how to make some noise. Wait for the song Zombie Nation to be played, and be prepared to “bounce.”

20. Beaver Stadium: Penn State Nittany Lions


There are very few experiences like a night game at Penn State, and as the second-largest stadium in the country, Beaver Stadium is quite an experience.

The school loves to host “white outs,” particularly for night games, and when 107,282 people are all dressed in white, it can certainly make a difference.

The stadium has been around since 1960, and while the environment can be a little dull for some games against lower-level opponents, for a big-time conference game, this is one of the best venues in the Big Ten.

19. Kyle Field: Texas A&M Aggies


With a seating capacity of 83,002, Kyle Field will be one of the best stadiums in the SEC next season and one of the top 20 in the country.

Built in 1927, this is one of the older stadiums in the conference and is famous for being known as the “12th Man.” It is the 13th-largest stadium in NCAA football, and the fans know how to make some noise.

The atmosphere here may just be the best in the country, and the SEC will be glad to welcome this stadium to its conference.

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