10 SEC Football Rivalries that count (because there’s a trophy) Part 1 KY v. UT Vols

Every conference has their football rivalries and the SEC is no different. The rivalry games are the best games of the season. Win against your biggest rival and even a bad season becomes good. Lose and the season is lost, even if that was your only loss.

The best rivalries have two things: A name and a trophy. In this slide show I have three things: A name, a trophy and at least one SEC Team.

This is how we do it in the SEC!


The Battle For The Beer Barrel (aka The Border War)


The prize: The Beer Barrel

The original Battle for the Beer Barrel was conceived in 1925 by a Kentucky booster club for the football rivalry with Tennessee, so that the series would have a trophy similar to Purdue’s Old Oaken Bucket and Michigan’s Little Brown Jug.

Tennessee held a 60-23-9 edge in the series with Kentucky when the Beer Barrel trophy game was discontinued due to the tragic deaths of several Kentucky football players in 1997 in an alcohol-related car crash.

In addition to the schools’ rivalry, blood banks in the home cities of each university (Lexington, Kentucky and Knoxville, Tennessee) compete to see who can raise the most units of blood. This is known informally as the Blue-Orange Crush.

Tennessee leads the series 72-23-9


Kentucky finally broke the streak this year in a hard fought game with the Vols.

From Wikipedia:

Most consecutive wins over one opponent (NCAA football)

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The following is a list of the all-time leading NCAA Division I FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) college football single-opponent winning streaks. Teams are ranked by the number of consecutive wins they’ve posted against a specific opponent. All streaks of at least 20 games are in the list.

Most consecutive wins over an opponent
School Opponent Number From Through Uninterrupted series Notes/References
Notre Dame Navy 43 1964 2006 Yes Navy won in 2007[1][2]
Nebraska Kansas 36 1969 2004 Yes KU won in 2005[3]
Oklahoma Kansas State 32 1937 1968 Yes [3]
Nebraska Kansas State 29 1969 1997 Yes [3]
Clemson Virginia 29 1955 1989 No, the games were played over a 35-year period. [3]
Penn State Temple 29 † 1952 Present No, the games have been played over a 60-year period. Penn State won in 2011.[4] Penn State has an unbeaten streak dating back 10 more years. Temple’s last win over Penn State was a 14-0 victory in 1941.
Texas Rice 28 1966 1993 Yes [3]
Syracuse Hobart 26 1906 1931 Yes [3]
USC Oregon State 26 1968 1999 No, the games were played over a 32-year period. [3]
Tennessee Kentucky 26 1985 2010 Yes Kentucky won in 2011.[5]
Florida Kentucky 25 † 1987 Present Yes Florida won in 2011.[6][7]
Penn State West Virginia 25 1959 1983 Yes [3]
Texas TCU 24 1968 1991 Yes [3]
Texas A&M TCU 24 † 1973 Present No, the games have been played over a 28-year period. Texas A&M won 23 consecutive times from 1973 to 1995, then beat TCU in the Galleryfurniture.com bowl in 2001. The two teams have not played since but A&M still holds the active streak.[8]
Nebraska Missouri 24 1979 2002 Yes [3]
Nebraska Oklahoma State 24 1974 1999 No, the games were played over a 26-year period. [3]
Penn State Maryland 24 1962 1988 No, the games were played over a 27-year period. The streak began following Maryland’s only win in the 37-game series in 1961, and finally ended with the only tie in 1989.[9]
Oklahoma Iowa State 23 1937 1959 Yes [1]
Tennessee Vanderbilt 22 1983 2004 Yes [3]
Nebraska Oklahoma State 22 1974 1995 Yes These games were a subset of the non-continuous series 1974-1999.[3]
Arkansas TCU 22 1959 1980 Yes [3]
Alabama Mississippi State 22 1958 1979 Yes [3]
Iowa Northwestern 22 1974 1994 Yes [3] In 1995, Northwestern also ended a 19 game (30 year) losing streak to Michigan and a 14 game (33 year) streak to Notre Dame.
Ohio State Northwestern 21 1972 2004 No, these games were played over a 32-year period. [3]
LSU Louisiana Lafayette 22 † 1902 Present No, the games were played over a 107 year period. [3]
Purdue Iowa 20 1961 1980 Yes [3]
Oklahoma Baylor 20 1901 2011 No, the games were played over a 109 year period. Baylor ended the streak with a 45-38 victory in 2011.[2]

† Active Streak

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