14 yr old robber killed by van driven by the person he robbed in Little Rock

Sad story from Little Rock today. It reminds me of the sad story last week when we lost a 13 yr old.

Channel 4 KARK in Little Rock and several other stations are reporting on this. Here is what the Arkansas Times Blog had to say:

LRPD: 14 year old dead, driver being questioned in chasing down thief

Posted by David Koon on Thu, May 3, 2012 at 2:55 PM

JUMPED CURB: Neighbors say a van driver jumped this curb to chase bike rider whod taken his wallet up the small hill.

  • Brian Chilson
  • JUMPED CURB: Neighbors say a van driver jumped this curb to chase bike rider who’d taken his wallet up the small hill.
IN MEMORY: Cross was erected to Lil Flip, where Michael Stanley was fatally injured.

  • IN MEMORY: Cross was erected to “Lil Flip,” where Michael Stanley was fatally injured.

Police say a 14-year-old boyis dead after a robbery victim chased him down in a van and ran him over in a vacant lot near 24th and Oak Streets in Little Rock. 

LRPD spokesperson Sgt. Cassandra Davis said that Michael Sadler, 58, was coming out of the Asher One Stop convenience store, at Asher and Maple, just after 11:30 this morning when a 14-year-old boy identified as Michael Stanley snatched his wallet and fled on a bicycle. Davis said Sadler pursued the boy in his van, veered off the road, and struck him about two blocks south of the store.

Davis said police are investigating reports that Sadler then got out of the van and assaulted the boy as he lay on the ground. The boy was later taken to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 12:28 p.m. Davis said the boy’s mother lives on W. 23rd Street in Little Rock. A woman at the scene was crying, “My baby,” as neighbors erected a small cross in his memory where he fell.

Sgt. Davis said detectives are currently questioning Sadler. “I don’t know what charges, if any, he’ll have,” Davis said, “but it could be a homicide, manslaughter [or] negligent homicide. It just ranges by what the detectives feel comfortable changing him with, if anything at all.”

Davis said if the theft had occurred in Sadler’s home, he would have been within his rights to protect himself. Given that the crime happened outside, however, he may be charged in the case. “He got in his van and chased him down,” Davis said. “You can’t chase somebody down. We suggest you just get as much information as you can and notify law enforcement.”

A neighborhood resident, who spoke to our photographer Brian Chilson, described the chase. He said the boy was riding up a hill on a vacant lot near the store. The van driver jumped the curb and followed him across the lot and struck him near the top of the small hill, knocking the bike to the ground. According to him, the driver then beat the boy. He was among those placing the cross you see in the photograph above.


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