Chuck Colson was pro-life

Two-Minute Warning: Moral Laws, Real Consequences

Uploaded by on Jun 1, 2011

Most people can identify a number of the physical laws of the universe, but these same people would be stumped to identify the moral laws which also govern the universe. Colson is at his finest as he explains the reality of moral laws.


Chuck Colson went to be with the Lord on Saturday afternoon April 21, 2012. Here is a portion of an article written about his pro-life views:

Colson became a Christian following his role in the Watergate scandal which saw him named as one of the Watergate Seven and he pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice for attempting to defame Pentagon Papers defendant Daniel Ellsberg. After spending time in prison, Colson converted and has spent his life in the non-profit ministry ever since. He is founder and chairman of the Wilberforce Forum, which is the “Christian worldview thinking, teaching, and advocacy arm of” Prison Fellowship, and includes Colson’s daily radio broadcast, BreakPoint, now heard on more than one thousand radio outlets.

In his most recent column at LifeNews, Colson touted the October Baby pro-life film and he lamented the rise of infanticide before that.

“Many of our laws in this country are built upon the fantasy that birth, not existence, bestows a fetus with personhood. If you kill a newborn in the United States, as infamous Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell did for decades, you go to jail. But just minutes prior, that same act of killing can be legal,” he wrote. “This is nonsense. I’m praying that articles from ethicists like Giubilini and Minerva will wake people up to the reality of what they’re justifying. If enough people start to get it, then it won’t matter what a few academic elites think. Legal abortion will crumble before the outcry of decent, moral people, just as it did when early Christians dared to speak out against infanticide and abortion in their time.”

“Tell your friends about this. Press people on it. If they’re not willing to condone infanticide, how can they favor abortion? Maybe they’ll be willing to admit that a person really is a person — no matter how small,” he concluded.

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