2012 Press Conferences with Pitino and Calipari

John Calipari Pre-Louisville Press Conference

Uploaded by on Mar 27, 2012

Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari talks about the upcoming game with Louisville in the Final 4.


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Calipari’s been to 4 final fours and his record is 1-3 so far

> Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari celebrated with the team after the University of Kentucky defeated Baylor University in the NCAA South Regional final played in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Ga., Sunday, March 25, 2012. This is second half action. UK won 82-70. Charles Bertram | Staff HERALD-LEADER Buy Photo Calipari is going […]

SEC gets one in final four: Kentucky

We came close to get two in but only Kentucky got in. Calipari’s wife and son can be seen in this picture below:     > Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari hugged his son, Bradley, and his wife Ellen after the University of Kentucky defeated Baylor University in the NCAA South Regional final played […]

Are you ready for Calipari versus Pitino?

Here we go for the battle of the best two teams in Kentucky and possibly this game on March 31st will determine our national champion. USA Today reported in October 2011: Louisville’s Rick Pitino responds to John Calipari’s Kentucky taunt Rick Pitino isn’t going to take John Calipari’s taunts lying down. Louisville coach Rick Pitino […]

Hogs, Vols, Bulldogs and other SEC teams miss NCAA Tournament

Earlier I wrote the article Who gets in NCAA Tournament from SEC, Calipari and Martin say 5, I say 4, and everybody seemed to be saying the SEC would get in 5 or 6 and I even heard Rick Schaffer say it could be 7 if the SEC was lucky. Unfortunately, the SEC did not do […]

What the new SEC football schedule might look like in 2013

I have been wondering what the result will be in the SEC football rotation in upcoming schedules after 2012. Basketball is working great and the old SEC football schedule rotation worked great but what are they going to do with the 14 schools now? I think it will work best if they go to the […]

Arkansas ladybacks win first game ever in Knoxville

After getting beat at home by Florida by 30 points (the worst ever loss at Bud Walton) and then getting beat by Alabama at Bud Walton, it appears we have nothing to cheer about at Arkansas. However, hold the presses. The Arkansas ladybacks beat Tennessee for the first time ever in basketball last night. The […]

Who gets in NCAA Tournament from SEC, Calipari and Martin say 5, I say 4

Photo by Adam Brimer, copyright © 2012 Tennessee forward Jordan McRae (52), forward Jarnell Stokes (5) and guard Cameron Tatum (23) go up for a rebound during the first half against Arkansas at Thompson-Boling Arena Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012. Tennessee won 77-58 over Arkansas. (ADAM BRIMER/NEWS SENTINEL) ______________________ I just don’t see 5 SEC schools […]

John Calipari’s tribute to mentor Gene Bartow

Photo by Wayne Crosslin Memphis State coach Gene Bartow comforts Larry Finch at the awards ceremony after the Tigers lost the NCAA final to UCLA in St. Louis in March 1973. Bartow died Tuesday after a long fight with cancer. _______________________ In 1972 I was 11 and I shot the basketball with a side arm […]

Sad for Hog and Tiger fans but Jarnell Stokes signs with Vols

Photo by Justin A. Shaw, Special to the News Sentinel Jarnell’s mother Shunta Stokes said his college decision was “solely up to him. I support his decision wholeheartedly, he’s the one that has to attend the school, not me. His dad and I are behind him 100%.” Yesterday when I got in the car at […]



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