Cartoon demonstrates that guns deter criminals

John Stossel report “Myth: Gun Control Reduces Crime

Sheriff Tommy Robinson tried what he called “Robinson roulette” from 1980 to 1984 in Central Arkansas where he would put some of his men in some stores in the back room with guns and the number of robberies in stores sank.

I got this from Dan Mitchell’s blog:

Remember the Fort Hood shootings, when the crazed Islamist killed a bunch of people? How many of us know that Major Hasan had the ability to kill so many people because of a Clinton-era policy limiting gun possession on military bases? In other words, the government created a safe zone for the killer.

This is why “gun-free” zones are stupid at best and more likely to create dangerous environments. If you’re a vile, evil, or crazy person, that’s where you’ll go because nobody can shoot back.

This great Chuck Asay cartoon makes this point, celebrating a recent Colorado Court decision (you can see more of his cartoons herehere, here, here, and here).

The cartoon is superb, but I also recommend this post reviewing a Cato study on the use of guns in self defense. And these posts about Chicago and New York City will probably get you upset.

And here’s some great analysis of gun control by Stephen Hunter, and my NRA-TV interview on the importance of gun ownership if America suffers a European-style societal breakdown.

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