Matt Chandler:Journey with Christ through hardship of brain cancer (Part 1)

I was moved by the material and videos on the Southern Baptist pastor Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church near Dallas, Texas, and his struggle with brain cancer and how it has been possible to endure because he continues to turn to Christ for his strength and purpose.

Pastor Matt Chandler updates us on his course of treatment

By Brandon Washington | Published: December 25, 2009

Since the surgeons were unable to remove the tumor in its entirety, there will be need for further treatment.  Below, Pastor Matt gives us clarity in regards to his treatment.  Please be praying for Matt and his family.  Also, let’s appeal to God for the well being of The Village Church and the community that they serve.

“Let me start by saying, Thank You! The outpouring of love and prayers for my family and me has been so overwhelming that it has moved us to sobs. To see the tangible love of God for us in the saints has been overwhelming and a great comfort…Thanks.

Prognosis: Anaplastic oligodendroglioma

Battle Plan: Radiation and chemotherapy start on Dec. 29, bolstering my system with some homeopathic means.

Dec. 29 at 1 p.m.
Start radiation. This will continue every day for six weeks.
Chemo will be happening right along side of radiation and will go through February, and then we’ll take a four-week break, get an MRI and see where we stand.

The players:

Dr. Karen Fink, neuro-oncologist – Dr. Fink is the quarterback for my team, and she happens to be the Peyton Manning of neuro-oncology. Please pray for her as she monitors my treatment and vitals through all of this. Pray for her wisdom and insight.

Dr. Scott Cheek, radiation oncologist – I enjoy Dr. Cheek very much. He has a refreshing and encouraging personality with a great sense of humor.

Dr. David Barnett, neuro-surgeon – David performed my brain surgery, and it was an amazing success. He is a man of great faith, and I have enjoyed getting to know him as a surgeon and a brother.

Dr. Hammon, homeopathic doctor – He’s working with my other doctors. I have been moved by everyone’s humility and willingness to hear from each other


  • My doctors
  • That God might glorify Himself in amazing ways through all of this
  • The Village Church and our elders
  • Complete healing
  • Healthy appetite
  • Protection from side effects of radiation
  • Protection from side effects of chemotherapy
  • Peace for my family…specifically my children and their salvation
    • Audrey 7 yrs. old
    • Reid 4 yrs. old
    • Norah 6 ½ months

Christ is All,
Matt Chandler”


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Picture of the Chandler family:



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