Woody Allen’s movie “Midnight in Paris” wins an academy award (link to complete listing of all historical figures mentioned in “Midnight in Paris”)

Sleepers (1973)
Sleepers (1973)

Allen (left) wrote, directed and starred in this oddball love story, set 200 years in the future.  It was his first on-screen collaboration with Diane Keaton (second left), who went on to become one of the director’s muses in the early days of his career.



I have written more on “Midnight in Paris” than anyone else. Close to the bottom of this post is a link to all the historical figures mentioned in “Midnight in Paris.”Here is a great story on what happened last night:

Oscars 2012: When Woody Allen got funny at Academy Awards

February 26, 2012 |  8:05 pm

Woody allen
Woody Allen didn’t show up on Sunday night to collect his Oscar for original screenplay for “Midnight in Paris” — his fourth Academy Award. It was hardly a surprise — Allen has skipped the ceremony in the past, and he even has passed up the chance to join the academy.

So was Allen actually watching when he won the original screenplay Oscar? The executive who distributed Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” said he wasn’t sure.

“He wouldn’t tell me,” Sony Pictures Classics co-chief Tom Bernard told The Times at the lobby bar shortly after the win. “I think he probably has some people who keep him updated.”

Oscars: Red Carpet | Quotes | Key Scenes Ballot | Cheat Sheet | Winners

As for whether there was any chance the writer-director would have turned up to the Hollywood ceremony to accept a potential award in person, Bernard said he never held out a lot of hope.

“I tried for a little bit to get him to come, but he thinks it’s all…” Bernard said. “He thinks the best movie of the year is ‘A Separation” and all this awards stuff is…”

So we can only guess what the 76-year-old Allen might have said had he turned up to deliver an acceptance speech. But he did attend in 2002, and delivered a funny segment that has us wishing he had shown up this year. Have a look ….

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