An open letter to President Obama (Part 2 of State of Union Speech 1-24-12)

President Obama’s state of the union speech Jan 24, 2012

Barack Obama  (Photo by Saul Loeb-Pool/Getty Images)

President Obama c/o The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Feb 8, 2012

Dear Mr. President,

I know that you receive 20,000 letters a day and that you actually read 10 of them every day. I really do respect you for trying to get a pulse on what is going on out here.

The Heritage Foundation website ( ) has lots of good articles and one that caught my attention was concerning your State of Union Speech on January 24, 2012 and here is a short portion of that article:

Immigration Nowhere – James Carafano

No one expected real progress from Washington in dealing with our broken borders and deeply flawed immigration system during an election year. Tonight, Obama did not disappoint. “The opponents of action are out of excuses.  We should be working on comprehensive immigration reform right now.”  In Washington-speak, “comprehensive reform” is just another way of saying “amnesty.” Washington tried the amnesty approach in 1986. At the time there were about 3 million living unlawfully in the United States. After granting amnesty, the number grew to three to four times that.  The lesson learned was that amnesties just encourage more illegal immigration. That’s why the American people and Congress rejected amnesty when the Bush administration proposed it—and the Congress even refused to take the proposal up for a vote when Obama pushed for it—and his party controlled both houses of Congress.

Fixing the problems requires real solutions—working with Mexico to address that country’s challenges in security, economic freedom, and civil society; creating effective temporary worker programs that get employers the employees they need when they them to grow their businesses and grow jobs; common sense border security; enforcing immigration and workplace enforcement laws; and fixing the flaws in our legitimate immigration programs. None of these solutions require amnesty first. In throwing out bumper stickers rather than offering a real vision for keeping America a vibrant nation of immigrants that respects both our laws and our sovereignty—the president proved than when he bemoaned that election year politics are killing reform he is the worst offender.

Thank you so much for your time. I know how valuable it is. I also appreciate the fine family that you have and your committment as a father and a husband.


Everette Hatcher III, 13900 Cottontail Lane, Alexander, AR 72002, ph 501-920-5733,

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