Tim Tebow: Bestselling religious author of 2011

Tim Tebow seems to win at everything he tries.

The Good Book: Tim Tebow A No. 1 Author

Monday, December 26, 2011 12:45 pm
Written by: Ben Maller

Sports experts go crazy debating whether Tim Tebow can win NFL games, but there’s no question he can win over readers.

Tebow’s Christian life story, “Through My Eyes,” was the No. 1 new release of 2011 for HarperOne, a leading religious book publisher. Tebow’s book has sold more than 220,000 copies since its debut this summer, according to USA Today. That makes Tebow the top selling religious author in 2011.

Weekly book sales have skyrocketed since Tebow became the Broncos starting quarterback, going from less than 2,000 a week in October to more than 25,000 for the week ending Dec. 18.

“Through My Eyes” has 475,000 copies in print and Mark Tauber, senior VP and publisher at HarperOne, believes even more copies will be made and sold after the season.

In case you’re wondering how Tebow celebrated Christmas, he didn’t. Well, let him explain.

When asked last week if he’d wrapped up his Christmas shopping, Tebow tossed this curveball to the Denver Post:

“No, it’s so bad, I haven’t done any, but we’re not doing Christmas until after the season’s over for me and my family.”.

Despite a brutal loss to the Bills on Christmas Eve, Broncos fans are still hopeful the team will win the AFC West and keep Tebow’s Christmas plans on hold for weeks.

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