Post on SNL skit of Tim Tebow draws reaction from Mormons and Skeptics


Recently I posted that I was saddened by the Saturday Night Live reckless skit on Tim Tebow that among other things  endorsed Mormonism. In response, I gave several evidences from archaeology that disproved the Book of Mormon. Then I included a five part video series that showed the archaeological evidence that supported the historical accuracy of  the Bible. (Archaeological evidence evidence against the Book of Mormon is abundant i.e., the lack of horses and iron swords in North America 2000 years ago), but arhaeological evidence supports the accuracy of the Bible.)

Here are the responses that I got and my responses to them: 



Why were you saddened? I doubt Jason Sudeikis’ proclamation of the truth of Mormonism is going to be that one missionary tool the LDS church was missing to really get things going. It was pretty clear to me the joke was meant to be absurd. South Park did the same thing when in one episode the director of Hell tells some newcomers the Mormons are the ones who get into heaven.

What is really confusing is why so many people who are of Evangelical and Baptist faiths (to name a few) spend so much time and energy trying to debunk Mormonism. Why do they care so much? I would think there are many who need help far more than a group of people who appear to believe in Jesus Christ and try to emulate Him by living honest, moral lives. I would rather devote my time and energy making sure I understand and live my own faith.

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  • Bill Fitzgerald  On January 16, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    Yea right , Joseph Smith, with a third grade education wrote the book and had to have known names and places of the old world which were not in any text, write in a pattern unknown to him called chiamus, show the plates to others who turned against him but never denied that the Book of Mormon was true, and have none of his book contradict the bible and then he did this for what? money? no, poor all of his life, fame? no, hated persecuted, taken to trial 49 times and aquitted each time. Imprisoned, fed poison, houses burned, extermination order to kill all mormons in Missouri, and then be martyred for it all. no, and I testify it is all 100 % true. and proves the bible is true and that Jesus is the Christ. If you need evidence go to central and south america and see the civilization being unearthed which we know as the people and descendents of the Book of Mormon. Now go and read the Fate of the Prosecutors of Joseph Smith and be very careful how you speak of him. He has done more for the salvation of man than any other person other than the Savior himself.

    • Everette Hatcher III  On January 17, 2012 at 7:31 am

      The Book of Mormon is blindly accepted even though archaeology has disproven many of the facts that are claimed by it. For instance, wheels and chariots did not exist in North America when they said they did.

      The Book of Mormon contains two accounts of chariots being used in the New World.[68]

      Critics argue that there is no archaeological evidence to support the use of wheeled vehicles in Mesoamerica, especially since many parts of ancient Mesoamerica were not suitable for wheeled transport. Clark Wissler, the Curator of Ethnography at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, noted:

      “…we see that the prevailing mode of land transport in the New World was by human carrier. The wheel was unknown in pre-Columbian times.”

      A comparison of the South American Inca civilization to Mesoamerican civilizations shows the same lack of wheeled vehicles. Although the Incas used a vast network of paved roads (see Inca road system), these roads are so rough, steep, and narrow that they appear to be unsuitable for wheeled use. Bridges that the Inca people built, and even continue to use and maintain today in some remote areas, are straw-rope bridges so narrow (about 2–3 feet wide) that no wheeled vehicle can fit. Inca roads were used mainly by chaski message runners and llama caravans.

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