Tim and Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Christians in a secular world (Part 3)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, talk show host

Birthdate: May 28, 1977

Birthplace: Cranston, Rhode Island

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Tim & Elisabeth Hasselbeck get personal

Tim and Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Christians in a secular world (Part 3)

The Hasselbecks are special people.

Sharing Her View

by Dan Ewald

Copyright Christianity Today International

She’s the baby of the bunch on ABC television’s morning chatfestThe View, while he’s the second-string quarterback for the New York Giants. Not your typical Christian couple by any stretch, but they’re not afraid to share their faith with others….

How do you wade into controversial topics without losing your cool?Elisabeth: I know some subjects are going to be a battle. Every time a heavy subject comes up, I can feel my body temperature rise and my blood pressure probably goes through the roof. Sometimes it takes me a little while to vocalize what I’m trying to get at. But you’re either a warrior or a coward. Sometimes you back down and sometimes you fight with all your might. Probably four days out of five I come home wishing I’d said something differently, or [wondering] why couldn’t I have said this? Thankfully, there’s always another show.

How do you approach the subject of Jesus with someone who doesn’t necessarily want to hear it?Elisabeth: I think a lot of Christians get a bad rap for pushing their faith because they’re so excited about it. Some people are very put off by that. And some Christians come across as judgmental, and I don’t think that’s the way to let someone understand your faith.Faith in God is a tricky subject to bring up in a public forum. But, for example, you can talk about creation. People say it’s random. But what if someone walked up to the David sculpture in Italy and said, “This is random. All these particles came together and this gorgeous sculpture came together.” Even someone who doesn’t believe in a power other than himself would say, “That’s ridiculous. An artist knew exactly what he was going to do when he put this here. There’s no way this could be random.” Apply that same thought to God. If you wouldn’t believe that Michelangelo’s sculpture was created in a random fashion, how can you possibly believe that human beings—the most gorgeous creation in this world—can be random? If people were to separate just that thought process away from faith, then maybe they would consider that it really isn’t sporadic and random and chaotic.What, then, is the key to sharing your views with someone who may disagree with you?Elisabeth: Any conversation two people can have, coming from different places, is priceless. Because no one has it all figured out. Who’s to say that because I believe in God I’m a better person than someone who doesn’t? That’s absolutely not true. I think sometimes people choose to surround themselves only with those who think similar to them, and that’s dangerous because you all end up yes-ing each other. It all comes down to “love one another.” Very simple. It’s unbelievable, though, how we mess it up.Copyright © 2006 by the author or Christianity Today International/Today’s Christian magazine.
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