Tim and Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Christians in a secular world (Part 2)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, talk show host

Birthdate: May 28, 1977

Birthplace: Cranston, Rhode Island

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Tim & Elisabeth Hasselbeck get personal

Tim and Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Christians in a secular world (Part 2)

The Hasselbecks are special people.

Sharing Her View

by Dan Ewald

Copyright Christianity Today International

She’s the baby of the bunch on ABC television’s morning chatfestThe View, while he’s the second-string quarterback for the New York Giants. Not your typical Christian couple by any stretch, but they’re not afraid to share their faith with others….

What is your church life like?

Elisabeth: Tim and I went to New England Chapel back home in Massachusetts where the pastor was young, vibrant, down-to-earth, and real. He didn’t pass prejudice. Those are all things I respect, especially in the Christian community, because too many people take an approach that I think turns a lot of people off, to be honest.My View colleague Star Jones was great when we first moved to New York City. She invited us out to her church and we went. She’s very open about her faith, which is great. But it’s been hard [to find a stable church home in New York] because we’ve moved around a lot. Tim: For example, we’ll go somewhere and find a young couples group doing a thing on The Five Love Languages. We both love that book and will want to jump in and do it. Then someone comes up to Elisabeth and wants to know what she ate on Survivor or someone asks me what [fellow Giants quarterback] Eli Manning is like. Next thing you know we have our guard up.Elisabeth, what’s it like working on The View?Elisabeth: I’m thankful that I can sit down every morning with four intelligent women and talk about things from shoes to faith to the war, circle back through politics, and end up at the latest diet. That’s made me a better citizen and a better person. Being challenged by them is an unbelievable gift. People do not have conversations like that every single day. “Some Christians come across as judgmental, and I don’t think that’s the way to let someone understand your faith.”Tim: I think a lot of people look at what she does and think, “You’re on TV an hour a day; what’s the big deal?” Really, there’s a lot of preparation to it and also a lot of pressure to be “on” every day. People are listening to what you say. The idea of exposing yourself in a lot of personal ways was a little awkward for both of us.Is standing up for what you believe difficult?Elisabeth: Though it is a challenge, I see it more as a blessing. I’ve learned so much from these women. Because they’re so good at what they do, they make me clarify my thoughts just sitting next to them.Tim: I’m proud I’m married to someone who will go in there and stand up for things we believe. For Elisabeth to be in a situation where she believes that Jesus was born from a virgin, there are people who would say, “You’re brainwashed, naïve, too young to really know.” That’s hard to swallow when someone basically tries to walk all over everything you stand for.Tim, do you face the same pressure in the NFL?Tim: No. In the athletic arena, you had people like Kurt Warner and guys who were crusaders for God. It isn’t totally outrageous to be a Christian. It isn’t crazy to go to Bible study on a Wednesday night with guys on your football team. In the entertainment industry, you’re an outcast in a lot of ways. Issues come up—serious topics like the Terri Schiavo case or abortion. Obviously Elisabeth’s more conservative than some of the other women on certain topics.Elisabeth: This is a very complex life. Things used to be simple back in the day. There was right and there was wrong. Now there’s a lot of complexity to our lives and the decisions we have to make. But that’s the beauty of our roundtable discussions on The View. I don’t feel it’s difficult to stand true to what I believe because that’s what we’re all paid to do. We respect one another and what we have to say. I feel a responsibility to be clear and honest and true to what I believe. I suppose many people debate issues with their friends and coworkers—but try doing it live on TV! [She laughs.] It’s the most stressful thing, but I thrive on that.

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  • JEAN STEINER  On March 28, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    Thank God for you and your husband standing up the truth for Gods word. He will surely Bless both of you.

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