Tim and Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Christians in a secular world (Part 1)

I have  alot of respect for both of the Hasselbecks.

Sharing Her View

by Dan Ewald

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She’s the baby of the bunch on ABC television’s morning chatfestThe View, while he’s the second-string quarterback for the New York Giants. Not your typical Christian couple by any stretch, but they’re not afraid to share their faith with others.

Elisabeth and Tim Hasselbeck met at Boston College, where Tim majored in administrative studies, when he wasn’t playing football, and Elisabeth studied design and eventually worked as a shoe designer for Puma. That is, until the second season of the hit reality showSurvivorcame calling and turned her life around. In November of 2003, Elisabeth (née Falarski) beat the odds and parlayed her 15 minutes of fame as a Survivor contestant into a bona fide broadcasting career as a co-host on The View.Today’s Christianchatted with the Hasselbecks from their Manhattan apartment as their baby, Grace, cooed in the background.

Tell us about your journey of faith.Elisabeth: Both my mom and dad operated on a strong faith base. Faith was pretty much embossed in my brain, but it’s been stronger at some times than others. In high school you start to question things. I think any institution you’re part of for a long time, if you don’t start to question it, you’re too complacent. I think the famous quote “The unexamined life is not worth living” is absolutely true.Tim: Growing up I was always around [Christianity] and I didn’t realize, like a lot of Christians, that I was allowing God only in certain areas of my life. In school or football, I had no problem praying, asking for God’s help. In other areas, I felt He didn’t need to know about this or that. “I’ve learned so much from these women. they’ve made me clarify my thoughts. being challenged by them is an unbelievable gift.”—Elisabeth HasselbeckFour or five years ago I was playing in the NFL Europe. It was one of the most difficult times of my life because things football-wise weren’t turning out well. I was reading in Matthew 6 where it talks about worrying. I realized it was talking to me: You need to let go because you’re not in control. From that point on, I was a different person. I was able to trust that everything was going to work out. I’d always gone to church every Sunday and had always believed, but it didn’t really take over my life until that point.

Here is a story about what happened on “The View” yesterday:

You know there are going to be fireworks when super-liberal Bill Maher visits “The View,” particularly on a day when vocal Republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a bone to pick. On Tuesday, Nov. 15, she was still stewing over Maher’s comments from last February, when he joked on his HBO show that Lara Logan (who was brutally attacked in Egyptian riots) should be replaced by Hasselbeck.

At the time, Hasselbeck played the clip on “The View” and said, “I try to only debate real men over the airways but will depart to address Billy Maher” before expressing her outrage.

Hasselbeck was clearly heated as soon as Maher hit the stage, but she waited until Maher said one brief comment about the Jerry Sandusky rape case before she jumped into, you know, talking about herself. “I just wanted to go back to a time that bothered me, not for my personal reasons but for women,” she says. “Forgive this idiotic Republican for bringing this to your brilliant mind, but in February of last year, Lara Logan was in Egypt and she was brutally attacked there… I sit with incredible comedians and the best in the business in terms of broadcasting. You can’t sit here and tell me right now I’m wrong for saying, ‘That wasn’t that funny.'”

Maher countered with, “We do a comedy show for an audience that’s perhaps different than your audience. You are a public figure. It was not aimed at you personally, but when you are a public figure, you are out there and you’re fodder for comedians to make comments on.”

He noted that in comedy, “Somebody has to be out on the edge to know where the edge is.”

To which Hasselbeck retorted, “Thanks for being the hero.”


Tim & Elisabeth Hasselbeck get personal

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