Veterans Day 2011 Part 4


This is taken from an article that appeared in the Saline Courier about a year ago:

Bravery is not just limited to one generation, but Americans have had it in every generation. It makes me think about those who are currently serving in our military. Jon Chris Roberts who is graduate of Benton High (2004) is serving in the Air Force and currently stationed at Beale Air Force Base in California. Roberts is to be deployed to Afghanistan this December. 

Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy Foot is originally from Little Rock but now assigned to the National Guard Bureau in Arlington, VA. In 2008, he was recalled to the Arkansas Army National Guard to deploy with the 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. While in Iraq he was stationed at Camp Victory in Baghdad where he served as the Senior Escort Officer for the Joint Visitors Bureau. In that capacity he coordinated security for distinguished visitors to the area and served as the primary escort for them throughout Iraq. 

Jeremy Foot is married to the former Stacey Bowers of Benton who is a 1997 graduate of Benton High School. Stacey is the daughter of Jim and Debbie Bowers of Benton. 

Jonathan Frerichs of Little Rock signed up with the National Guard  Unit out of Camp Robinson in March of 2008. His mother Denise tells me that he was deployed to Afghanistan in the middle of May of 2010. Jonathan is not even allowed to disclose his current location in Afghanistan for security reasons. 

Luke Lowery of Maumelle signed up with the US Army in October of 2005. In June of 2008 he was deployed to Afghanistan with the 1st Infantry Unit, THE BIG RED ONE,  and returned in June of 2009. He has been stationed in Ft Hood in Texas since then and was on base on November 5, 2009 when US Army Major Nidal Milik “AbduWali” Hasan murdered so many soldiers. Hasan has been charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder. Luke is scheduled to deploy to Iraq with the 1st Cavalry Division in in January of 2011.  

My discovery of these heroes all around us has given me a new perspective on the freedoms that we enjoy. These freedoms have been purchased by the bravery of those who were willing to fight for our country. Also I discovered another group of heroes. They are the relatives of these soldiers  who take time to pray for those who are serving and to send them letters of encouragement.

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  • ruddie08  On November 13, 2011 at 7:53 am

    Soldiers of all wars-conflict are hero…bravely in our shadow.. PAST AND PRESENT
    Rudolph Frazier
    Vietnam vet. 68 first cavalry infantry machine gunner

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