Veterans Day 2011 (Black Hawk Down and North Little Rock’s Donavan “Bull” Briley)





CWO Donavan L “Bull” Briley

Photo added by Christina Atkinson

CWO Donavan L “Bull” Briley


The movie Black Hawk Down was based on an actual event that took place in Mogadishu, Somalia. This documentary explains the event.


On October 3, 2003 my son  played quarterback at the Arkansas Baptist High School Football game that night. However, I can not remember how he performed that night, but I vividly remember the singing of the national anthem. That is because his fellow student Jordan Briley sang the national anthem on the 10th anniversary of the day her father Donavan “Bull” Briley gave his life for his country.

CW3 Donavan “Bull” Briley grew up in North Little Rock, Arkansas.He received the Distinguished Flying Cross for gallantry in action during combat operations in Mogadishu, Somalia on October 3, 1993 in operation Gothic Serpent.  His actions as the pilot of an assault into a highly contested urban objective were heroic.  After a brilliant assault of the objective, he held his position and fought to support the ground forces during their actions.  His “Black Hawk” aircraft was subsequently downed by enemy fire and, through his exceptional skill, the passengers’ lives were saved. The movie Black Hawk Down (2001) directed by Ridley Scott shows his heroic actions.

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