Will Arkansas get Stokes to sign? CBS predicts the answer is no

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported today that Arkansas is after a top high school basketball player named Jarnell Stokes. My sources tell me he is leaning to signing with Kentucky. Below are the predictions of a sports writer from CBS.

By Jeff Borzello

Over the past few years, the early signing period in college basketball recruiting hasn’t had too much drama. With players making commitments earlier and earlier, the majority of the top-100 kids have pledged to a school prior to November. This year, though, has the potential to be different. Of our top 100 players in the class of 2012, 80 are already committed. Despite that, nine of the 24 five-star prospects are still open and several could be on the verge of announcing in the next couple of weeks.

Where do the 20 uncommitted players in our top 100 stand? Here’s a look at their recruitments – as well as where we think they will end up.

1. Shabazz Muhammad (No. 1 overall)

Considering: Kentucky, UCLA, Duke, Arizona, UNLV, Kansas, Texas A&M
Will wait until the spring to sign, and UCLA still seems like the leader. Kentucky, Duke, UNLV chasing.
Prediction: UCLA

2. Alex Poythress (No. 12)

Considering: Memphis, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Florida
Plans to announce on Thursday, with Memphis, Kentucky and Vanderbilt all feeling like they have a chance.
Prediction: Kentucky

3. Amile Jefferson (No. 13)

Considering: Connecticut, North Carolina State, Kentucky, Ohio State, Stanford
Doesn’t have a set date for his decision, but he will get it done in the early period. Wide open, but he visited NC State this past weekend.
Prediction: North Carolina State

4. Anthony Bennett (No. 14)

Considering: Florida, Connecticut, Kentucky, Ohio State, Oregon, Pittsburgh, UNLV, Washington, West Virginia
Don’t expect a quick resolution to this recruiting. Still very wide open, and will be a spring signee.
Prediction: Connecticut

5. Gary Harris (No. 15)

Considering: Michigan State, Purdue, Kentucky, Indiana
One of the most hotly-contested recruitments in the country, Harris is close to a decision. Up in the air at this point.
Prediction: Michigan State

6. Jarnell Stokes (No. 16)

Considering: Florida, Arkansas, Memphis, Kentucky, Tennessee
Kentucky turning up the heat on Stokes recently makes this recruitment even tougher to read, as Arkansas and Memphis were the favorites.
Prediction: Memphis

7. Robert Carter (No. 19)

Considering: Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida, Florida State
Will announce his decision on Thursday, in Atlanta. Georgia Tech has emerged as the leader heading down the stretch.
Prediction: Georgia Tech

8. Devonta Pollard (No. 20)

Considering: Kentucky, Georgetown, Mississippi State, North Carolina State, Texas, Alabama, Marquette
Because Pollard plays football, he’s not very focused on recruiting right now. Will be a spring signee, with the SEC looking likely.
Prediction: Kentucky

9. Tony Parker (No. 22)

Considering: Duke, Memphis, UCLA, Ohio State, Georgetown
This is an interesting recruitment, with plenty of twists and turns. Has taken multiple visits, with the most recent coming to Duke.

Prediction: Duke

10. Robert Upshaw (No. 40)

Considering: Kansas State, Fresno State, Georgetown, Louisville
Down to four and likely to make a decision in the next week or two. Fresno native has his hometown school high, but Louisville also feels good.
Prediction: Louisville

11. Torian Graham (No. 41)

Considering: Maryland, Texas
Since Graham decommitted from North Carolina State, there hasn’t been much about his recruitment. Maryland has made a good push.
Prediction: Maryland

12. Savon Goodman (No. 49)

Considering: Temple, USC, Kentucky, Arizona, Villanova, Pittsburgh
Former Villanova commit has taken time off from the recruiting circuit to focus on academics, but he might have to reclassify.
Prediction: Reclassify to 2013

13. Andrew White (No. 51)

Considering: Kansas, Texas, Georgetown, Louisville, North Carolina State, Richmond
Still wide open and with no favorites, White looks like he will end his recruitment fairly soon. Plenty of high-major schools coming on strong.
Prediction: Richmond

14. Ricardo Gathers (No. 52)

Considering: St. John’s, Texas, LSU
Gathers decommitted from St. John’s on Tuesday evening, announcing that he would sign in the spring. Unclear who’s now in the mix.
Prediction: LSU?

15. Winston Shepard (No. 53)

Considering: New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Oklahoma State, Georgia, UNLV, UTEP, San Diego State
Another West coast kid that will likely wait until the spring, Shepard still plans on taking more official visits.
Prediction: New Mexico

16. Zena Edosomwan (No. 62)

Considering: USC, California, Washington, Harvard, Texas
This one won’t end until the spring. USC is definitely in a strong position, but look out for Harvard – if he gets admitted to the school.
Prediction: Harvard

17. Wanaah Bail (No. 74)

Considering: Oregon, Texas Tech, Houston
It looked like Bail was going to make a decision last month, but he pushed it back and now looks to be wide open in the process.
Prediction: Oregon

18. Nino Jackson (No. 76)

Considering: Kansas, Missouri, Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas
It’s really difficult to get a read on Jackson’s recruitment, as he didn’t play AAU and took awhile to decide on a high school.
Prediction: Junior college/Prep

19. Charles Mitchell (No. 92)

Considering: Seton Hall, Maryland, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Florida State
There hasn’t been a ton of action in his recruitment lately, outside of a visit to Seton Hall. Could become a hotter commodity late.
Prediction: Tennessee

20. Philip Nolan (No. 93)

Considering: Clemson, Marquette, Minnesota, Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas A&M
Another player who hasn’t advanced much in the process. Seems fickle about making a decision early, which could scare some away.
Prediction: Marquette

Photos: Las Vegas Sun, ESPN.com, Nation of Blue, LA Daily News

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