Tea Party representatives claim debt deal responsible for downgrade because it did not cut enough (Part 5)

Tea Party representatives claim debt deal responsible for downgrade because it did not cut enough (Part 5)

The Tea Party members in the Republican Party voted against the debt deal and have even claimed that the debt deal did not cut enough out of the budget and that is why the USA got a downgrade in the  credit rating.

Rehberg Statement on U.S. Debt Downgrade


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Montana’s Congressman, Denny Rehberg, released the following statement in response to the unprecedented downgrade of the U.S. government’s “AAA” sovereign credit rating by Standard & Poor.

“Every hard working Montana taxpayer knows that your credit score doesn’t go down because you can’t get your next credit card fast enough. A credit score goes down when you blow through your credit limits. For years, I’ve stood with hard working Montana taxpayers warning that the consequences of reckless federal overspending were closer than we thought.  Well, with $47,000 in debt for every American man, woman, and child, those consequences have arrived.  This is a wake-up call to the big spenders with their heads in the sand.   Bold action is required.  It’s time for a balanced budget requirement in the Constitution.  In fact, we likely would have prevented this if we’d tied a balanced budget amendment to the debt limit increase like many of us tried to do.”


Government Needs to Focus on Long-Term Solutions

Las Cruces, NM (August 6, 2011) Today, Congressman Steve Pearce issued the following statement on Standard & Poor’s lowering of the nation’s long-term credit rating from AAA to AA+:

“Americans understand the downgrade is serious and are concerned of the impact this will have on their lives,” said Pearce. “The consequences are clear. As the federal government is spending $3.5 trillion for every 2.2 trillion taken in and printing money to cover this out-of-control spending, inflation is driven higher, jobs are placed in danger, and the economy is weakened. This approach is placing us on a dangerous course.”

“With unemployment above 8 percent for the 30th straight month, the Administration’s attempts to stimulate the economy by spending money we don’t have are clearly not working, as further evidenced by the downgrade,” Pearce continued. “Americans have said they want a new approach; last week, they wanted us not to make a deal but find a solution.  It is time to listen to the people and get to work on the real, common sense solutions, providing the accountability they deserve.  Once Washington provides a plan that will work, reestablishing the credit rating of the country will require hard work on the part of the American people, but I am confident that each one of us will do our part to restore economic security to our nation and to our families.”

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